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  German company VICTOR REINZ was founded in 1920. For more than 80 years the company VICTOR REINZ is a member of the international corporation Dana – and also is one of the most famous producers of different shim kits, seals and gland seals for engines and transmissions. Company’s manufacture is concentrated on the 23 enterprises, and clients’ servicing is based on 10 services, situated in Europe as well as in America.
  Considered system of perception of growing needs of clients, implementing of new technologies, constant perfection, hi-qualified and friendly staff (over 1100 workers) advance the firm in the range of the most attractive partners for original producers as well as for ultimate consumers of the production on the spare parts market.
  VICTOR REINZ provides for its clients the best level of the quality in servicing as well as in supplying goods. To produce the shims, which have perfect qualities (resistance to oil, cooling liquid and gas) and to achieve the best results, VICTOR REINZ co-operates with 14 suppliers of different raw materials.
  The goal of VICTOR REINZ is to make clients be always admired with the quality received from the moment of sending the request till its complete implementation.

VICTOR REINZ received the award “Zero defects” from the Ford factor for 3.5 mln. seals supplied in 1997. And also VICTOR REINZ received the award of quality by government of Indiana, and also with Ford award.
  The main feature of VICTOR REINZ is modern developments, which are in the base of each position. VICTOR REINZ developed 3 layers, which are the base of the shims. It provides the optimal defense from noise, vibrations, and high temperatures. Besides this 3 layered system weights rather less, than common used 2 layered.

Almost 10 years VICTOR REINZ is the general supplier of shims to the world leaders of automobile manufacture industry, such as: Audi, BMW, FORD, MERSEDES, GM, OPEL, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, SAAB, WOLKSVAGEN, and VOLVO. It gives an opportunity to feel totally all advantages of VICTOR REINZ due to interesting design, new developments, engineer support, appliance of automatic control system.

Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.reinz.com/