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  TRW Automotive – one of the leading world producers of brake systems and steering for cars and trucks. And also TRW Automotive supplies the systems of active and passive safety for all leading automobile manufacture concerns. On the assembly lines are supplied the systems ABS, ESP, TC, steering systems and suspension systems, airbags and safety belts systems etc.

TRW Automotive has the leading positions in the developing and producing of the brake systems and steering systems due to its research and pilot-plan works programs. Substantial part of the company’s revenue is invested into researches. Since 1960 TRW Automotive implements the program of recovery of the spare parts, which are supplied to the aftermarket.
 More than 66 000 of people work in TRW Automotive in 24 countries of the world.

TRW Automotive is the leading supplier of the high quality spare parts for the repair and servicing of the brake systems, steering systems and suspension of the cars and trucks, on the independent aftermarket (IAM) and in the field of servicing of vehicle manufacturers (VMS).

Program of materials includes brake pads and brake shoes, brake disks and brake wheels, new and recovered: supports, steering racks, hydraulic amplifier pumps, main and working brake cylinders, clutch cylinders, brake hoses, ropes, steering gears, steering gear ends, shock absorbers, diagnostic equipment and equipment for servicing the brake systems, lubes and brake liquids.
 TRW Automotive branch, which is engaged in the supply of post-warranty services, is a part of TRW Automotive concern and takes place in the 10 of world leaders of auto components producers. TRW is the leading producer in the field of automobile safety production, developing and producing the fullest range of technologies in the field for active and passive safety. Systems of active safety (brake systems, electronic systems of stabilization, steering components) improve the control of the car and help to avoid the crashes, and systems of passive safety are called to minimize injuries in the case of accident (belts, airbags and electronic safety systems).

TRW Automotive is one of the participants of the program Exponentia – global studying concept, organized by the leading producer of auto components, the goal of which is to set the knowledge of service technicians to modern requirements.

Information was taken form the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.trwaftermarket.com/