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  SPIDAN – the original brand of GKN Driveline (direction of the automobile transmission of GKN company), which is the biggest producer of the automobile transmission in the world, and its share on the world market is 42%. Drive shafts and ball joints are produced on the factories of GKN Driveline; and also on these factories the same spare parts for the cars of serial production are produced. The manufacture is based on the specifications of the cars producers. GKN Driveline is developing and producing the decisions for the shafts for all world leading car producers.

  SPIDAN ball joints are produced exceptionally from high quality steel, and steel is cemented according to the most modern methods of manufacture. The distinctive feature of SPIDAN ball joints is not big unsprung weight and the constancy of the driving moment. These qualities increase the comfort of driving and facilitate the economy of energy. In contrast to the ball joints of the other producers (maximum working angle equals 45° - 47°), working angle of SPIDAN ball joints reaches 50°, depending of ball joint’s type. As the result SPIDAN ball joints certainly provide small turning cycles, which are necessary for all categories of the cars for today.
The necessary condition for the perfect exploitation is appropriate dust boots, produced of high-quality materials, including thermo-plastic elastomers (TPE), such as used also for the dust cloaks of SPIDAN brand. For example, in the car with the front transmission dust cloaks on the side of wheel must be able to repeat the angle of ball joint up to 50° longitudinal displacement. Ball joint dusters produced of thermo-plastic elastomers (TPE) are characterized with improved tear and wear resistance under ozone, and also with higher durability to the impact fats and oils under the higher temperatures. They are more tear and wear resistant, while their installing fewer errors occur, they are also less sensitive the other influences.Due to their dimensional stability and rigidity, they meet the requirements primarily at the high turns of the engine.

Quality lube materials, developed by GKN Driveline – one lube material for the ball joint and tripod joints – due to this it is possible to develop the ball joints of the smaller size, smaller weight and with better exploitation conditions. SPIDAN lube materials provide the constant lubricating of ball joints, even under rather high temperatures, for example, if the ball joint is being heated from outside, as it often happens on the side of a gearbox due to close exhaust system.

  SPIDAN offers wide range of the shafts, ball joints and dust cloak kits, thereby meeting the requirements of the secondary market almost for 40 000 appliances. More than 97% of all SPIDAN spare parts are available from the central warehouse. All the SPIDAN production is included in Tecdoc with the correspondent technical information. Moreover, GKN Driveline offers technical studying for spare parts dealers and repair shops, concerning this production. Appliance of the SPIDAN joints and cover kits assures you safety. You will get the best exploitation qualities with the best price for the original brand production.


Information was taken from the Internet site of the produceer:  http://www.gknservice.com/