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KYB Corporation is the world leading manufacturer of hydraulic equipment. Leading technologies of the company are used in aircraft, shipbuilding and in automotive industry.
  KYB company has entered auto parts market in 1948, and in 64 years has achieved impressive results: currently KYB company is the largest supplier of shock absorbers on the conveyor with a worlds market share of 25% and one of the largest suppliers of shock absorbers on the aftermarket in Europe. Headquarters of the company are located in Tokyo, Japan. More than 11,500 people work at the corporate headquarters and branches with offices around the world. The annual turnover of the company is more than $ 3.8 bn. The share of shock absorbers in the turnover is almost 60%. KYB shares are placed at Tokyo Stock exchange.KYB Corporation annually produces more than 75 million shock absorbers on 15 plants, which are exported to more than 100 countries under a single brand KYB.

Main facilities are located in Japan, Europe, Asia and USA.
KYB has the world's largest plant for the production of shock absorbers.
Production volume - more than 3.5 million pieces of absorbers per month
Total area ​​163,500 square meters
Number of employees: 1,400
Production lines: 35 conveyors

Excellent features, advanced technology and many technical advantages of shock absorbers provide a long service life. The best option for economical replacement for the used original shock absorber. A distinctive feature of this series is that the the shock absorbers produced with a large safety margin (60-70 thousand kilometers more than the new (!) Original shock absorbers).

By replacing shock absorbers, you will achieve a significant wear reduction of the rest of suspension parts. Gas-filled racks respond better than many of the original racks. Patented valving plus pressurized nitrogen gas account for riding comfort and, at the same time, dramatically reduce the aeration or foaming that commonly occur in shock absorber and cause its performance to start fading, even after only a few minutes in operation. This series includes the shock absorbers and racks and gas cartridges.


KYB Gas-A-Just Shock Absorber - a new concept in the automotive industry. Working principle is the combination of high pressurised nitrogen gas and all weather fluid creates the ideal shock for performance vehicles. This complete self adjusting shock absorber helps to minimize bounce and sway improving steering and cornering response.Shock GAS-A-JUST KYB 55 series is perfect at driving when the car requires a particularly good handling and a high coefficient of the tire grip.



Series of high-performance shock absorbers KYB Ultra SR is specially designed to ensure the sustainability of sports car driving and driver safety. Compared with ordinary shock absorbers, absorbers of this series increases efforts of rebound and compression, what makes the vehicle much more stable at high speeds and aggressive driving style.



KYB springs under the trademark K-Flex have already earned popularity and reputation in Europe. KYB offers the most advanced range of springs for European and Japanese cars.


Original high quality, provides a snug fit of KYB PROTECTION KIT to the piston rod and easy installation ensure the benefits of the use.




Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.kyb.ru/