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  MS Motor Service International GmbH - a reputable supplier to the international automotive industry. As long-standing partners of car manufacturers, Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group develop innovative components and system solutions with recognized expertise in the fields of air supply and emission control for the oil, water and vacuum pumps, pistons, engine blocks and friction bearings.
 Kolbenschmidt Pierburg products meet the high standards of quality of automotive industry. Low level of emissions, reduced fuel consumption, reliability, quality and safety are the factors that drive innovation at Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG.
 Under the brand KOLBENSCHMIDT produced and available the wide range of the spare parts placed as at the engine as well as inside of it. ВThe components for more than 2000 different engines are available for the car owners.
 All  products in the blue box by KS comply with the high demands and quality standards of the automotive industry, efficiency and environmental protection.
  Kolbenschmidt company is one of the largest suppliers of components for the car assembly plants. First of all, it's parts of the cylinder-piston group, bearings, cylinder heads and blocks of aluminum, as well as oil, fuel and air filters the most important components for long life of engine.
  The company is certified according to the standards. Wide range of products allows you to cover almost the entire automotive market in Europe. With increasing sales market increases market of spare parts produced by the company.


Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.ms-motor-service.com/