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DENSO Corporation, headquartered in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, is a leading global supplier of advanced automotive technologies, systems and components in the field of thermal control, transmission, electronics, information and security. Its clients are all major global automakers. The company has more than 220 subsidiaries and branches in 38 countries and regions (including Japan) and is an employer for about 147,000 people.
  DENSO Europe BV, specializing in the aftermarket and the industrial sector, offers a wide range of OE quality parts and components. This offer includes engine management systems (mass air flow sensors, exhaust gas recirculation valves, fuel pumps, exhaust gas temperature sensors and ignition coils); thermal systems (air conditioner compressors, dryers, condensers, pressure sensors, expansion valves and evaporators); cooling systems (cooling radiators, oil radiators, heaters, intercoolers, cooling and interior fans); cabin filters; spark plug; glow plugs; wipers; starters and alternators; oxygen sensors; diesel components (including common rail high pressure pumps, common rail power injectors, fuel filters and suction control valves).
DENSO's innovation in the global market includes:
 1974 - The world's first spark plug with a platinum electrode (1.1 mm).
 1975 - The world's first spark plug with an electrode with a U-shaped groove.
 1991 - The world's first glow plug with a ceramic heating element.
 1997 - The first variable-capacity air conditioner compressor without clutch and electronically controlled.
 1997 - The world's first spark plug with an iridium electrode (0.4 mm).
 1998 - The world's first catalytic exhaust gas converter with a thin-walled ceramic honeycomb.
 1999 - The world's first 12-hole fuel injector.
 2000 - The world's first generator with a segment conductor, as well as double winding, rectifiers and a rectangular conductor for stator winding.
 2001 - The world's first integrated belt-driven starter generator.
 2002 - The world's first common rail diesel system with a pressure of 1800 bar.
 2005 - Putting into production four new components for hybrid cars: an integrated hybrid control computer; battery monitoring device; dc converter; The world's first electrical compressor containing an inverter.
 2005 - The world's first common rail diesel system with a pressure of 1,800 bar with piezo injectors.
 2005 - The world's first most compact and lightweight high-performance generators. The DENSO generator with a current of 220 amperes is the first air-cooled sample of this level.
 2006 - The world's first internal double tube heat exchanger for a compact front air conditioning system.
 2006 - The first in the world electromagnetic shift control system with mechanically driven gas distribution.
 2009 - The world's first ever-functioning starter.
 2009 - The world's first car air conditioning system using an ejector-based cooling cycle.
 2012 - The world's first engine management system, where the injectors have a built-in sensor for measuring the pressure under which fuel is supplied in real time, as well as for monitoring the quantity and time of fuel supply; Smart control technology is used for continuous and highly accurate feed measurement.
 2013 - The world's first integrated wireless cell phone charger for the car, offering a convenient charging solution without cords and connections.
 2013 - Common Rail diesel fuel injection system with the world's highest injection pressure of 2500 bar, which helps increase fuel efficiency by about 3%, while reducing the emission of particulate matter by almost 50% and nitrogen oxides by 8%.
The information was taken from the manufacturer's website.