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 HC-Cargo Company was founded in 1963 and currently is an international company with branches in 11 countries and a staff of - 900 employees, 350 work at the main office in Esbjerg, Denmark.
  Since the foundation the company has grown from a local wholesaler to an international supplier of electrical components for cars. As a result, the company's products are sold in more than 85 different markets, either through their own branch companies or with the help of partner companies.
  The company's vision - is to be the leading distributor of electrical spare parts. In other words, to be " the best in industry."
 The company's mission - is to offer "The right product, at the right price, at the right time."
   The company's goal - is to offer our customers an extensive and upgraded program of electrical spare parts.
   At our main warehouse and regional warehouses wide range of HC-Cargo presents details of starter-generator:
• Drives;
• Sleeves of starter;
• Solenoid;
• Diode bridges;
• Rings of the generator;;
• Generator bearings;
• Starter bearings;
• Starter rotors; ;
• Pulleys of the generator;
• Starter brushes;
• voltage regulators.

Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.hc-cargo.com/