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 The company Behr Gmbh & Co was founded in 1905. One of the first in the world to produce radiators for the cars. In 1921 took part in the auto show in Berlin, and in 1930 began to supply radiators for the German branch of the Ford conveyor . Every 3 rd new car in Europe, equipped with air conditioning and engine cooling system by Behr. The company is the largest supplier of OEM( original equipment manufacturer).
   In 2006 - 2007 was created a joint venture company Behr Hella Service, the union of two companies: Behr and Hella.Behr company for many years is the specialist in the field of air conditioning and engine cooling systems. Hella - the world's largest supplier of automotive components, lighting systems and electronic equipment. The joint venture was created to strengthen the position in the global automotive market. Hella and Behr have an equal stake of 50%.
   Today Behr has three departaments: Behr Hella Service, Behr Thermot-Tronic, Behr Industry, which together make up a team of 19,500 employees at 28 plants in 17 countries.
  The company Behr has its own research and development centers with climatic wind tunnel; company is the leader in development of the new heat exchange technology for transport, including climate control systems.
Products of Behr Hella Service is represented by the following :
• Radiators, cooling systems, heaters, intercoolers;
• Heat exchangers for engine and gear oils;
• Viscous coupling (unit VCU)
• Cooling fans, fan shrouds;
• Sensors;
• Compressors;
• Vaporizers.


Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer : http://www.behrhellaservice.com/