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So are made cylinder head gaskets

All completely sealed!
In Dettingen-on-ERMS is the headquarters of ElringKlinger AG. 135 years the company, which operates worldwide, manufactures gaskets and other products, such as modules from synthetic materials and shielding details. Out of a total of 1600 workers, the main part is occupied by the production of cylinder head gaskets “Made in Germany”.
What are the similarities between modern cylinder head gasket and bulb? They consist of several layers. However, if the bulbs are relatively the same, the layers of cylinder-head gaskets ElringKlinger perform different functions. They are made from thin stainless steel or carbon steel. The number of layers and shape of the strip depends on the type of engine on which it is installed. Modern pads for new cars have from one to seven layers of steel. Functional layers, which are responsible for the seal, made of progynist steel, others from ordinary carbon steel. Typically, the functional layers are on the outside, the inner layers are mostly to ensure the necessary thickness.

Modern production
On the factory floor in Dettingen where are the majority of cylinder head gaskets, you can see equipment of various types and sizes of handles, which raise the individual strips and transfer them to another place, furnace through which the conveyor belt, to installations up to the ceiling with the punching tool reaches a height of three meters. It\'s noisy here as at the crossroads of major transport routes at rush hour. It is recommended to constantly look right and left, as the scurry around the trucks. They transported the finished strip to send or take the materials to the place of processing.
The making of the modern cylinder-head gasket starts with a coil, a coil of steel ribbon. Roll width depends on the size of the pads is made. For 4-cylinder engine applied tape with a width of 400 mm. From this material, which has necessary thickness of 0.15 to 1 mm, and consist of individual layers of the cylinder-head gasket. The material passes through several rolls straightening equipment and sent to one of the giant machines, which is the outer contour and the holes, which are reinforced by the grooves, and stoppers (reinforcing elements). ElringKlinger supplies its products to almost all car factories. For each engine needs its own gasket and tool for its production. To provide a complete service, from design to production of finished products at firm, the company produces stamping equipment of large size in their own division.
Elastic seal
Large, usually round cutouts in the region of the combustion chamber are on the contour of the so-called "Sicken" grooves. It is an indentation in the shape of the groove, which enhances the sealing properties at critical locations. Then, the blank of stainless steel to the kiln, where they get a Golden Shine, becomes stronger, and cleansed from all remnants of machine oil. This is important because a lot of steel plates is applied layer, which otherwise would not have traction. A flexible layer of synthetic material is used to microthick. It is applied, as the grooves around the combustion chamber or even the entire surface of the cylinder-head gasket, depending on design and desired properties.
When all layers are stainless steel or not, with elastomeric coating or without it – ready for the manufacture of strips, the manipulators put them one by one in sequence and connect the individual layers/plates with rivets. After that the gasket can be installed, but no detail out of the ElringKlinger plant without thorough quality control. First, the strip needs to prove its integrity "compression". When testing it is pressed and serves it with compressed air. If cylinder head gasket is completely sealed, it goes on the scales. Sensitive device checks the weight of the strip. Only if the specific weight is correct, verification is complete. If the stamp has broken one punch, the strip may be missing one of the carved holes, in which case it is discarded.

Exact requirements

In Dettingen-on-ERMS they leave nothing to chance: employees are regularly specially put the faulty parts through the equipment to check whether it works correctly and detects all defective items. After the strip passes all the tests,  they apply the serial number, customer number, and sometimes a logo. In the end, specially trained staff conducts visual inspection, and only after this is ready and tested cylinder head gaskets stacked in boxes and sent to automotive manufacturers.

The same high demands on cylinder head gaskets put forward wholesale buyers in the automotive aftermarket. The production of gaskets today is completely different from production, which was 20 years ago. Old engines with cylinder head gasket, identical to the one that was installed in their production. Therefore, ElringKlinger AG and currently produces using a special small-scale equipment pads which according to modern requirements can not be called relevant, neither the manufacturing method nor in their internal structure. They do not buy in such large quantities as current models, but the demand for them as replacement parts exist.

Real experts
For "special occasions" in Dettingen Department is responsible stuff for preparing samples and prototypes. Working here in three shifts around the clock specialists are looking for new design options, test prototypes, produce the products to order. For example, the owner of the vintage car needs a cylinder head gasket for his "treasures", but in the sale they are no more, ElringKlinger AG professionals are always ready to help. Using laser scans the contours of the worn gaskets. Based on these data, staff made the exact same replacement part, do a single item. Professionals from seal will help not only rare cars, cylinder head gaskets made in Dettingen-on-ERMS have been successfully used also in many racing cars.

No visual control no not strip leaves the factory