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  Running hotline means much more than just providing information support.
  With our new service, workshops specialists can greatly increase the speed and the precision of defect diagnosis and selection of parts for their removal, thus it will greatly help them to reduce vehicle downtime, increasing the economic efficiency of their business.
  In particular, for our customers is available the advice on troubleshooting procedures, selection of the spare parts , fault codes , wiring diagrams, control parameters of the units, assemblies(aggregates) , etc.
  For example, it may be the answers to such questions about the diagnostics of vehicles using the tester KTS 200/340/5xx/6xx & Software ESI [tronic]:
• Serviceability of the instrument;
• Connection adapters;
• Communication problems with (between) the car and the host computer;
• Lack of information in the software ESI [tronic];
• Installing the ESI [tronic];
• Unlocking software ESI [tronic];
• Loss of the access code.

  Request processing in 70 % of cases takes less than 60 minutes. Much depends on the difficulty of the problem and qualification of the customer.
  In unusual cases experts of the hotline can clarify questions from the international consultants of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket: the handlings from variety of countries are processed by the consultants of the hotline in Germany.
  Each of them has many years of practical experience and is responsible for a specific group of systems (control of gasoline engines, Electro-equipments, ABS / ASR / ESP, etc.).

  The technical support of our company is available only to authorized customers. Contacts can be checked with our sales representatives.