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Service-information software ESI [tronic] 2.0

   The System of information blocks installed on a personal computer increases the efficiency of work with the diagnostic Bosch technology. Modern interface offers a quick and easy access to all the information - from the identification of the vehicle and ending with the search of the fault chart and selection of the spare parts. Databases cover more than 95% of the European auto market. The navigation window with a single system for all brands of cars provides work speed and comfort. Program has the regular updating (4 times a year). Program can be updated with the DVD, as well as directly via PC with the Internet access. The software is distributed by pro paid subscription.

Motor and system diagnostic of the vehicle

 The  universal (multibrand) systems of  the diagnostic devices of KTS series software ESI [tronic] for the diagnostics  of the various electronic control systems of the vehicles:
 • Gasoline engines;
 • Diesels;
 • Automatic;
 • brake systems (ABS, ASR, etc.);
 • Airbags and seat belts;
 • "comfort systems" (climate control, power windows, multimedia, etc.).

New! KTSTruck.
The System tester KTS Truck is designed to work with the electronic control systems of the trucks, trailers, buses and light commercial vehicles. It operates under the control of the personal computer with the updated software ESI [tronic] for Trucks. The system exchanges data with the computer via radio Bluetooth. With the help of the specialized adapters KTS Truck connects directly to the diagnostic socket of the vehicle or trailer. The control unit is automatically recognized and it reads the actual values, faults memory and other specific data.


Stationary multipurpose measuring modules

FSA - 720 and FSA - 740.
This is the basic model of the new line of  Bosch motor diagnostics. In combination with the PC FSA - 720 and FSA - 740 form a full motor testers having:
 • the signal generator;
 • oscilloscope with 50 MHz frequency sweep;
 •Probes and sensors to measure various quantities (voltage, current, pressure, temperature, etc);
 • the continuous measurement function of the discharge battery with the record of the results.
    Performance of the motortesters is provided by the software package of the SystemSoft [plus].
If you plug to motortesters based on the FSA - 720 and FSA - 740 -the KTS system tester you can obtain a diagnostic system with unique capabilities. Complementary techniques of the system and motor diagnostics help to find faults, which previously had to be found by the trial replacements of the parts. Including:
 • Physical test of the signal via CAN tire;
 • Verification of the sensor and its connections without disconnection from the vehicle.
    New! FSA 050M

 FSA 050 device is used for testing electrical chains of the hybrid and electric vehicles. It provides the opportunity to work with the FSA family devices and to transfer data to the program CompacSoft * Communication with the computer is provided via radio Bluetooth.
The portable motortester FSA 450.
  • The portable motortester FSA 450.
  • Ability to measure vacuum and overpressure
  • Various screening algorithms for the primary and secondary chains of ignition (up to 12 cylinders)
  •Easy to use interface
  • Translated into Russian
  •Ability to save listed signals on the PC
  • Color touch screen 8 "
  • Robust housing 

Tester for BAT 131 batteries

  Tester BAT 131 produces diagnostics for the 6 and 12-volt liquid, AGM flat, AGM spiral, helium batteries, as well as for the 12 and 24 volt starting and power systems in the passenger cars and light trucks. Tester displays diagnostic results in a few seconds, and has a built-in printer to provide the customer with the copy of the diagnostic results.
Additional features include the following:
 • Diagnostics of the batteries from 100 to 2000 CC
 • Identification of the damaged cells
 • Protection from the Reverse polarity
 • Diagnostics of the dead batteries
 • Diagnostics of multi-measuring systems (EN, EN2, DIN, SAE, IEC, JIS)
 • Multilingual user interface

Rapid- start chargers of BSL 2470

   The rapid-start charge device for AKB 12 and 24 V. protects from hindrances on an output (DIN 40 839 I, degree of radiation of hindrances I) allows to charge AKB, without disconnecting it from the side network of the car without risk of damage the electronic equipment. Protection from recharging, reverse polarity, short circuit. Constant regulation of the charge of the current. Modes of the speed-up charging, buffer charging, long charging, charging deeply discharged AKB. Switches of 12V/24V, temperatures of the batteries. Isolated cable clamps. Protection against interference and voltage peaks in start-up mode.

Electronic battery charger BML 2415/2415 FW

 Battery Charger for 12 and 24 V. Output voltage free from interference and voltage peaks
(DIN 40 839 I, the degree of interference radiation I) allows you to charge the battery without disconnection from the electrical system of the car without damaging the electronic equipment. Protection from overcharging, polarity, short circuit. Modes of the buffer charging, continuous charging, charging of deeply discharged batteries. Stepless adjustment of the charging current. Display mode charge and polarity fault. Switches of 12 V / 24 V batteries temperature. Isolated cable clamps. BML 2415 FW is additionally equipped with a bracket for mounting to the ceiling and a 5-meter cable with plug DIN 14690.
Equipment for servicing the air conditioner units- Bosch ACS

  Equipment for servicing the air conditioner units ACS 511 - is a profitable economic option, which was specially designed for a car with a small load.
   The air conditioner service unit ACS 611 – is a high-performance device equipped with a more powerful compressor and a vacuum pump. This model is suitable to serve not only for cars, but also for small trucks.
ACS device 810 Bosch was created to address specific maintenance tasks of air conditioning systems of commercial vehicles and buses.

Equipment for the tire change

Cheap and very comfortable machines. For tires with a bore diameter of 10 to 30 "(for mounting to the outer edge) and with a width of 3 to 22." Selection the speed of rotation makes the work more efficient. Pneumatic tilting column frees space in the working area. Pneumatic holding mechanism protects the rim from the damage during assembly. Built-in clamping straps the pulse pumping system is driven by the pedal and very easy to use. Mounting and dismounting of the low-profile tires is facilitated by the presence of the swinging fitting arm "third hand" (option).

Equipment for weel balancing

  Balancing the wheels of the cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks. Allows you to work with the wheels up to 200 kg and with diameter of 1200 mm.

The injection-nozzle testing and pressure measurement

  EPS 100. Produced according to ISO 8984 with the adjustment of the volume. EPS 100 for test specimens of 400 bar, for checking dimensions of nozzles P, R, S and T.
EPS 205 - tabletop unit for the injector test, unit injectors, solenoid operated injectors. Functions of the unit: checking injector systems, 1 - and 2-spring injectors, injectors with sensor for needle lift, Common Rail solenoid operated injectors from Bosch and other producers.
 • compact desktop unit with a touch screen;
 • automated process of diagnostics;
 • integrated database to store the measured parameters and customers data;
 • verification of the injector by the fuel dose for injection.

Units for testing the high pressure fuel pumps

  EPS 708. New diesel system testing from Bosch. EPS 708 allows you to test the system components with the Common Rail injection pressures up to 2200 bar - the highest of the used today in the production engines. Considering trend of increasing pressure, the unit is ready to check the systems pressure up to 2500 bar. EPS 708 is equipped with an integrated cooling system that can significantly reduce the water consumption and simplifies the connection of the system. Bosch EPS 708 allows to check the solenoid injectors and the CR fuel pumps systems, produced by Bosch and other companies. Quantity of fuel for the atomizing nozzle is measured electronically. Electronics also regulates the pump pressure and lubrication.
  The system also allows you to check the piezo injector produced by Bosch, Denso and Siemens / Continental, with using a special outfitting CRI Piezo. This kit includes everything needed for comprehensive verification of the piezo injector. In addition for testing the leakage and fuel injection quantity by using the proposed set you can check the electric injector module for defects of isolation.
    All the Necessary technical data to compare test results with the factory specifications are given on CD TestData, which is available by the pro paid subscription. Besides Bosch is the first who proposed a test to determine the stability of the fuel spray nozzle. This is a very accurate test to check specific defects of the injector systems Common Rail. The unit got a new fixation system for the injectors that reduce installation time and increase the safety for injectors testing. With the help of the mounting kit can be mounted about four Common Rail injectors on the stand for trucks and commercial vehicles or about six Common Rail injector for cars.

  EPS 815 – Universal Injection Pump Test Bench is intended for testing and adjustment of diesel fuel injection pumps and its components. Test bench for testing with stepless electronically-controlled drive with number of turns control. The modular principle for construction of the stands is used. Electronic measurement of the angles of preliminary plunger stroke and starting of the fuel pump. Can be equipped with mechanical (MGT) or electronic (CMA) system of measuring the amount of fuel delivered. Designed to test fuel pump up to 12 cylinders. After testing all the data can be printed in the report.
Testers for the brake systems components.

  BFT 100. Test of the brake system fluid for the water content by the boiling point determination method: the device is mounted on the expansion tank and hydraulic brake system is connected to the vehicle battery. The measured boiling points compared with the minimum standards for allowable values DOT3, DOT4, DOT5.1, on the basis of what makes the decision to replace the fluid.
 Brake systems BSA 43xx. An increasing number of vehicles are equipped with four-wheel drive and electronic braking systems, that’s why the workshops need to be prepared for maintenance of such systems. The most important elements for the workshops are knowledge, availability of diagnostic equipment and information. Bosch company is ready to provide the latest equipment to check the brake system, the line of tool control, all the necessary knowledge and information. Visualization of measurement data allows you to: compare the result measurement results with normative, according to the database. Units software enables the operator to enter data about the car, to print out the results of measurements, maintain statistics on vehicles. This means that tester can be connected to any computer in the workshop and the information will be saved. The measurement results may be presented in tabular or graphical form.

Test Equipment for the Running Gear of the vehicles.

  The components of the SDL 43xx series from Bosch. Simple empowering of the line due to the modular principle and integration via the BNet tire. Connection of the additional elements of the instrumental control line is easily accomplished thanks to BNet. You can easily integrate into the network, for example, the tester checks slip SDL 410, 430 SDL or weighing device sensor with the the function of the noise search SDL 435. This helps to save financial resources and thus complete the line of necessary elements. The advantage is that there is no need to connect an additional display for all these devices.
This equipment enables the assessment of the technical condition of vehicles in accordance with the requirements of DSTU 3649. The check line of the vehicle maintenance may also be dismantled into separate diagnostic stands on your choice, such as slip tester, suspension tester, analyzer (gasoline / diesel ) scanner for the control unit diagnostics.

Test Equipment for the Running Gear of the vehicles.

  Devices for the analysis of the running gear geometry FWA 4xxx. FWA Series 4xxx - a new generation of equipment to adjust the geometry of the running gear from Bosch, replaced the FWA 5xx series. High accuracy and simplified procedure of measuring the longitudinal angle of the rack with 20 °-CCD-technology. FWA series 44hh works with 8 CCD sensors, FWA 43xx series works with 6-CCD sensors. On the screen continuously displayed the real measured values and the rated data for comparison. Data transfer: radio channel or cable (depending onthe model). Database (nominal) from the auto manufacturing plants. Software in 29 languages, including Russian.

  FWA 4630 Easy 3D Wheel Alignment System
Accuracy: The unique accuracy and repeatability. The change in the spatial position of the sensors during the procedure does not affect the measurement accuracy. Speed of the measurement results in real time. Complete measurement geometry of the Running Gear in 7 minutes before printing.
Simplicity: Simultaneous compensation of the beats of all the wheels of the car when traveling For the measurement of the compensation- car moving is enough, you don’t need to lift or push the vehicle. No calibration is needed for the duration of operation and commissioning (self-calibrating). Ergonomics and high mechanical strength of the sensors. No need to install sensors on the wheels of the car, only on the targets. For the complete measurement geometry of the running gear, it\'s necessary only 2 sensors and 4 targets.
Mobility and compactness: Ability to install FWA4630 even in small spaces. It takes only approx. 600 mm from the each side of the car. Absence of elements with the fixed place of installation. Easy change of the place of installation. Can be used in combination with a 4-rack-mount, scissor lift or the pit.

Equipment for the analysis of exhaust gases

  Portable gas analyzer module quaternary BEA 460. Portable module of the four gas -components analyzer.
Accuracy class - 0.
Features: Bluetooth-PC connection (up to 30 m);
equipped with sensors, crankshaft speed and oil temperature;
can be equipped with the smokemeter RTM module 430.
A four-gas components analyzer module BEA 050. For equipping the motortester FSA or connecting to the PC (eg in-line assessment of technical condition of vehicles). Accuracy class - 0. Complemented with the kit for measuring NO.
Smokemeter module for retrofitting motortester FSA RTM 430 - (used only with the BEA module 050/460), to equip motortester FSA or for connection to a PC( for example in-line assessment of the technical condition of vehicles). The attenuation coefficient of the luminous flux 0 - 100% . The absorption coefficient of 0.5 - 5.5 m-1.
Definition module of the crankshaft rotation speed on the ripple of the voltage on the battery.
Modular computer system for analysis of exhaust gases BEA 850.


Electromechanical two- racks lifts.
Mechanical two racks lifts are popular due to its simple and robust design. The same construction performed by Bosch provides high security, easy to operate and has long-term stability characteristics. There are payloads of 3T and 4T.

Electrohydraulic lifts with two racks.
Powerful, quiet and durable. Electrohydraulic rack with two lifts as comfortable as electromechanical, but have considerable advantages. First of all – the absence of the wearing mechanical parts (friction pair screw-nut) and quiet operation. There are lifts with capacity of 4t and 5.5 tons.

  Electrohydraulic lifts with four racks . High manufacturing quality and long service life, minimal maintenance requirements, easy and safe operation and numerous variants: for the post of the acceptance, for diagnostics, for repair, for wheel alignment, and so on. The Line of four racks lifts by Bosch - is the best choice to work with the cars and light commercial vehicles. Universal and functional. There are lifts with 4.5 tons carrying capacity.

Electrohydraulic scissor lifts. Scissor lifts can be built into the floor, floor and even mobile! You can select options for any task, premises and vehicles. There are lifts with 3t, 3,2 t, 4t and 5t carrying capacity .
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