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Join now. The world of bonus is waiting for you.
To become a partner is very easy, to receive points even easier: Register and with every buying of spare parts by Bosch, points will automatically add to your account each month.

Fill out the registration form to indicate the name of your workshop , address, your name and e-mail address. Select dealers from which you buy auto parts Bosch and submit the registration form.

Earning points
With every purchase of spare parts by Bosch from the dealers you get points - 7 points for every 4,000 rubles without VAT, and for the purchase of diesel parts 4 points for every 4,000 rubles without VAT. You can accumulate points and exchange it for expensive prizes or immediately choose small cost prizes .Points are awarded monthly to your account by the dealers which you named during registration.

Exchange points and receive prizes
Select a prize from the catalog, available on the website. Once your balance of accumulated points is enough, choose a prize, and it will be sent to you immediately.

Additional promotions and bonus
Promotions and bonus make Bosch extra loyalty program even more attractive: for a certain period of time you will get extra points for different goods. You will be able to more quickly collect enough points to get the rewards you wish and want.

Website Bosch for the loyalty program http://www.bosch-extra.com.ua/