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Program "KYB-service" - a set of solutions for the workshops, retail outlets and distributors of the KYB. The aim is to establish the most efficient service replacement of the spare parts for the vehicle owner. The purpose of the program –is to provide a quality service at all stages of product promotion to the end user: sale, installation, maintenance.
Program “KYB-service” is successfully operating since 2006. The distinctive feature of the program is that- it is non-profit oriented. KYB company does not require participants to perform volume purchasing or installing KYB products.
To participate in the project of "KYB-service" are welcomed all workshops ( service stations) involved in the service and repair of the vehicles chassis. The maximum duration of the certificate is - 2 years. At the end of this period should be re-certification. For more complete and detailed information on the program of"KYB-service" (Authorization Certificate) contact the authorized KYB distributor. For the information about all the necessary documents to obtain the status of the “KYB-service" project participant, please go through the registration in your private room. List of documents to apply for participation in the project of “KYB-service”:
1. Photos:
•front (with distances to the front elevation occupied about 30% -40% of the image);
• clients area;
• reception area;
• repair zone;
• the test zone "toe-out";
• specials tool: the springs detrusor, the torque wrench , set of the resistance profile heads to keep the rod from turning while tightening the nuts on the upper piston rod;
2.Address information:
• name, address and telephone of the workshop;
• e-mail address;
• webSite, if any;
• Information about the workshop- (specific advantages, the presence of the order table, work hours, staff, directions, etc.) for at least 10 lines.
3. Contact person responsible for the participation in the Project.
4.Possible presence of other additional information to the customers on the request of the workshop.

Procedure of submission the documents for participation in the«KYB-service" project:
1. All applications for participation in the project should be sent to the KYB Distributor;
2. Distributor shall consider the application and, if all the conditions for participation in the Project are ok, sends the information to the representation of KYB;
3. Representation of KYB makes the final decision on the participation of the workshop in the Project;
4. In case of the positive decision, Representative of KYB writes certificate and puts all information about the workshop online www.kyb.ru and receives a request from the Distributor for the shipment of the Promotional Packages for the workshop.

Benefits for the workshops, participants of the «KYB-service" program:
1. All products supplied by KYB are officially protected by long-term manufacturer's warranty;
2. KYB Partners receive guaranteed original quality products directly from the manufacturer KYB Corporation;
3. Authorized workshops, program participants of «KYB-service", get full information, technical and marketing support;
4.Authorized stations, program participants of«KYB-service" have the right locally to decide  about warranty replacement products by KYB, which greatly simplifies the interaction with the customers;
5. Authorized stations have the ability to create a personalized page on the interactive map on the site of KYB in Russia (www.kyb.ru);
6. Only authorized service stations, program participants of "KYB-service" have the right to provide long-term (up to two years) warranty on shock absorbers and springs by KYB;
7. Partners receive additional client flow for a long period of service;
8.Partners of "KYB-service" have access to new customers for a wide range of activities and a full vehicles service.