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Extend the spectrum of your services
 As a partnerofBosch on diagnostics and repair of brakesystems, you can count on the decisions oriented to the future. The truth that products and systems of Bosch befit practically for all models of vehicles, confirmed all over the world for many years. Take advantage of the wide range of products and the comprehensive know-how for your success: be a partner of Bosch diagnostics and repair of brake system - now! You will get durable partner relations. Your wholesale supplier organizes excellent logistic for you, and Bosch will give different now-how for successful business of your workshop.
As a partner of Bosch you will get access to:
• the original products and spare-parts by Bosch;
• the diagnostic equipment by Bosch;
• the service trainings including practical advices, for example, on bases of repair the brake systems, diagnostics and maintenance of the modern electronic brake systems, systems of safety (ESP, SBC ...);
• Software ESI [tronic], has information on more than 230 000 models from more than 120 vehicles producers;
• data base of the tech news;
• technical support line.

Make your workshop the best service for brake systems repair.
  External advertising sign and the certificate will distinguish you from the other workshops, as a partner of Bosch diagnostics and repair of brake systems. Your customers will know one thing: they will get service here, brought to the level of art, based on the highest quality thanks to the qualified personnel, products and diagnostic technologies of Bosch.
All vehicle owners want to feel safe, especially when it comes to the brakes.
Specialists pay attention to the following.
With Bosch is available a full range of operations for the diagnostics of the brakes:

• availability of consumables for the disc and the drum brake systems;
• parts availability of the hydraulic and mechanical drive brakes;
• complete software with a high level of market coverage, accurate and high-yield.

Higher profits from your business
  Be prepared for additional sales and more communication with your customers - thanks to the accurate diagnostics and professional service of modern brake systems. As a partner of Bosch diagnostics and repair of brake systems, you occupy a strong position in the (workshop) business service centers in the present and excellently prepared for the future trials.

All from same supplier
• Original products of Bosch for brake systems, is guaranteeing security;
• Licensed Software ESI [tronic], for quick and accurate troubleshooting and practical instructions for repair;
• Bosch diagnostic equipment for the rapid detection of faults in brake systems;
• Technical trainings  with practical advices from professionals;
• The news service, so you are always aware of the latest developments ;
• Technical support line, providing support in the most difficult cases.

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