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  Chances for your service
  Growth in sales of the new and used vehicles continues, thereby increasing the number of vehicles equipped with modern sophisticated systems of gasoline and diesel injection.
  The vehicles sales is steadily increasing, as well increase the number of repair orders, and this means a huge potential for you.
  Your goal in the longer term is- to increase your work and sales volume of auto parts.
  Get a growth and profits in sales in the face of rising repair market of gasoline and diesel injection systems.
  Bosch and your spare parts and equipment wholesaler will provide you with the support for your car repair business development.
  The System of the contemporary car is becoming more complex. Diagnostics and repair of the modern car today is available only when we have all the information and knowledge about the diagnostics and repair.

  Technology as an opportunity
  Previously, repair of the diesel and gasoline injection systems was only possible at specialized repair workshops.
  Today you are- as an independent WORKSHOP (service station), can fully exploit the potential of the diagnostics and repair. All thanks to:
  • Knowledge in the field of petrol and diesel injections;
  • Simple diagnostics of the systems and its components;
  • Opportunities to work on the repair and replacement of parts and components of the systems.

   The Partnership with Bosch on the diagnostic and repair of injection systems for your Car service workshop
  Our software for the workshops development consists of three packages; each of the packages includes the trainings for the workshop’s staff and all the minimum necessary equipment and tools. If your workshop would successfully complete the first package, you can start the new service package. Thus, you can incrementally increase your turnover by providing new services for diagnostic and repair of the vehicles.


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