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  ZF concern is a world leader in manufacturing of drive and suspension technology, and also of active and passive safety systems. May 15, 2015 concern announced the acquisition of American TRW Automotive Holding car and now it unites about 230 manufacturing facilities in 40 countries around the world. In 2015 the concern has 138,000 employees and its turnover, according to preliminary calculations, makes amount from 29 to 30 billion euros. ZF concern is among the three largest suppliers to the automotive industry in the world.
  ZF Services – is a business unit that consistently applies experience and ZF concern's developments in the field of after-sales service. Complex approaches and a full line of products ZF provides reliability and economy of vehicles throughout their life cycle. Drive and suspension technology ZF production is marketed under the well known brands «Sachs», «Lemförder» and «ZF Parts». Thanks to the international service network and a wide range of products, proper to the requirements of each market, ZF Services is a popular business partner, not only in the automotive industry.
  Today the range of ZF concern includes knots, parts and components of transmissions, drive, suspension and axis assembly. ZF products are used in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, build and agricultural machinery, and also in rail and water transport. Besides, ZF offers knots and spare parts for wind power plants and electronic equipment. In the international market of after-sales service concern is represented by a division of ZF Services. In May 2015 ZF has completed its acquisition of the American TRW automotive holding.
Further information on concern, as well as illustrative material you can find here: www.zf.com/presse