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 In 1953 start-up Rocket Chemical Company and its 3 workers in a small laboratory in San Diego (California, USA) tried to create a solvent kit for preventing of rust and defatting for implementation in the aerospace industry.
  To make this formula of water displacement work they needed 40 tries. WD-40 is a shortening from "Water Displacement perfected on 40-th try". This secret formula works perfectly, because it is still used and there are no equivalents for it.

The first contractor which implemented WD-40 was the company Convair, which used this formula for protection from rust the external trimming of the rocket Atlas. Formula worked so well, that several workers took the glasses WD-40 to home.
  In couple of years after the first appliance of WD-40 in industrial manufacture, the founder of the Rocket Chemical Company – Norm Larsen began to make experiments with WD-40 packing in aerosol sprays, consider that consumers can find the appliance of the product at home, as it made some of officers. For the first time the product appeared in the shops of San Diego in 1958. 
  In 1960 the company almost doubled 7 workers, which delivered ~ 45 packages a day in boots of their own cars to different shops of the technical equipment and sport shops in San Diego.
  In 1961 the first order for the full truck of WD 40 was made, when the company’s officers came on Saturday for the manufacture of the additional party of the concentrate to satisfy the needs of victims of hurricane Carl destroys, which covered all Mexican bay of the USA. At that time WD-40 was used to repair the cars and equipment, damaged by the rain and flood.

In 1969 the company was renamed by the name of its single product - WD-40 Company.
Many car owners often meet small difficulties, but very unpleasant difficulties in the conversation with their steel horses. The lock can block on the frost, then in damp weather the engine won’t start up, then the trip along repairing road will turn out in the many times try to erase stuck goudron. The worse is when while repair of a car you meet with a stuck nut or bolt – it can turn over in the instrument brake or into the scratches on the hands. There are also many every day problems – starting from creaking bails and shimming of the collective lock and entrance, finishing with sticker stuck wherever by your child.
 It doesn’t matter whether you are professional mechanic or jack-off-all-trades – all these and many other problems you can solve with WD-40 – technical aerosols of the universal appliance, which can clean, protect, enter, lube and vent the moisture as nobody else.
  WD-40 doesn’t need representation to the car owners. This product seems to be known by everyone. But actually not everybody knows about the universality of this product, and the quantity of functions it can implement! Due to its qualities this aerosol exceeds the indexes of light lube substances, dispersed oils and water-repellent substances, metal cleaners, silicon aerosols. WD-40 can be implemented in different fields. It’s applied in arms and aerospace industry, aviation, electro mechanic industry, in the office, at home, everywhere! Everybody knows, that with the help of WD-40 it is quite simple to turn of the rust nut or to prevent the freezing of locks in winter, but the fact that WD-40 cleans, lubes and protects the mechanism and parts from rust knows not everyone. Even the function which gave WD-40 its name -"Water Displacement" - hasn’t received so wide appliance on the Russian market yet. WD-40 helps to start up even wet engine: it is not current conductor, but it covers the surfaces, providing the moisture absence even in the micro roughness of metal, and formed layer will protect from rust and corrosion body and car spare parts. Product has no silicon, that’s why the surface covered with WD-40 won’t be sticky or oiled and that’s why won’t attract dust and mud; moreover WD-40 is an ideal cleaning substance for all moving parts of vehicle. To resume all mentioned, we will mark five main functions of WD-40:

Thus, WD-40
  • displaces the water and forms the protective barrier against dampness;
  • protects from rust in the most extreme conditions;
  • lubes the parts without leaving fat and sticky traces;
  • enters in the mechanisms, and voids the rusted parts;
  • easily displaces fat and asphalt stains or glue remains.
Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://wd-40.ru/