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  WAHLER - produces thermostats for more than 80 years, almost since that time, when the thermostat was implemented for the first time for increasing the capacity and exploitation terms of internal combustion engine. This German manufacture has all rights to be considered not only the leading specialist, but also unquestionable expert in this field.
  Supplies to the conveyors of the famous brands are more than 90% of all the production produced by the factories in Eslingen and Oberboingen and only 10% are supplied to the spare parts aftermarket. It is important that to the conveyors of automakers and to the spare parts markets WAHLER delivers identical products. This is the main advantage of WAHLER can appreciate any vehicle owner, because there is always, everywhere and for all the only WAHLER's quality - the quality of the original!
WAHLER improved the traditional thermostat made of wax and created “heated up” thermostats, which definitively decrease the phase of heating of the engine and at the same time prevent the local overheat (Daimler Chrysler, for example, implements this innovative product in its 4- and 6-cylindered engines; also BMW for the number of its models etc.). In the latest developments of the engine electronics control openings and closings of cooling cycles. Likewise fast and exact as it reacts on the different capacities of the engine, must work the other system components. Electro-starting thermostats of WAHLER meet these requirements perfectly. Besides often flexible regulation of cooling flows is needed, which is realized due to flap. WAHLER combines these tested mechanic components with powerful electro engines in thermostats for the most leading engine concepts.
  WAHLER offers to the partners on the spare parts aftermarket: distributors, workshops, spare parts shops:
 • The program of 300 different variants of thermostats/thermo-switchers for more than 800 appliances (almost for all automotive and heavy duty auto parks).
 • Thermostat for aftermarket is supplied always in the kit with the correspondent shim or shim kit according to the quantity of its possible applications that helps to optimize a warehouse logistics.
  Not surprising that innovative technologies, high-quality and reliable product for a long time have made WAHLER a favorite and indispensable supplier of high profile automakers:
 • AUDI 
 • BMW 
 • DAF 
 • FIAT 
 • FORD 
 • MAN 
 • OPEL 
 • RVI 
 • SAAB 
 • SEAT 
 • VM 

Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.wahler.de/