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  As an OEM supplier of gas springs, dampers and electromechanical drives, Stabilus is a reliable partner – also for the spare parts market.
  These products enable the easy, convenient and safe opening and closing of engine hoods, rear hatches and trunk lids, as well as glove compartments or center arm consoles: Solutions from Stabilus.
Gas springs and dampers can be found in cars wherever easy and safe movement, a defined motion sequence or gentle damping of vibrations are required. They operate without additional energy, require little space due to their compact design and are durable and almost maintenance-free. Electromechanical drives fulfill the increasing demand for comfort and movement at the push of a button.
  With Stabilus as a partner, you can rely on high-quality products, comprehensive quality and environmental standards and a high level of safety at all times. This is why countless vehicle manufacturers around the world choose Stabilus as their OEM supplier.
  Naturally, this premium standard also applies to the spare parts market. Stabilus delivers original or series quality for all common types of vehicle in this sector. Dealers, workshops and end customers can trust in reliable spare parts because Stabilus makes customer service a priority.
  A complete range that covers more than 6,000 manufacturer part numbers and high availability of the products guarantee short delivery times.