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The Italian company Simer joins the brake pads world market manufacture as a true alternative to the original product.
From 2001, a program of technological updating started, which allowed wider penetration of new markets worldwide. This is due to the ratio of the low price and high quality of products. Of great importance is our latest automatic installation, controlled by computer, which allows a perfect mix of the friction material.
  The process known as \'scorching\', which we use, is typical of OE manufacturers.
Our brake pads undergo a thermic treatment above 750°C allowing the complete release of all gas residues. This innovation reduces the running in time and eliminates completely the loss of braking efficiency called fading. The automatic packaging, according to ECE-ONU 90R, guarantees that our pads are kept in mint conditions and, the labelling, clear and complete, allows clear identification. Simer sells its brake pads around the world in 2 different brands- SIMER, XPAD


Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.simer.com/