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  E.Sassone company is one of the largest manufacturer clutch plates in Europe. The company is located in the Italian town Monale D'Astri and traces its history to 1953. Ingredients of success of the company are the highest quality, broad production range, innovative technology, cooperation with vehicle producers.
  Throughout the history, the company was on the way to improve the quality of their products. Today's system of quality control is based on a staged verification. The plant has its own laboratory for monitoring the quality of raw materials, components and finished products.
 At the moment the company E.Sassone offers a very wide range of clutch plates for various types of transport. There is a proposal for cars and commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery. The program has a special ceramic disc clutch for motorsport. Also clutch discs are available for the exclusive cars. Auto proposal covers European, Japanese, Korean and American market. Separately are formed proposals for the domestic cars, what successfully covers all needs . Plates are available for the cars with high-mileage, and for the latest new vehicles of the automobile industry. The plant produces a variety of discs with a diameter up to 440 mm.
 Step by step E.Sassone improves the production technology and control, by investing in their development. Unique grade of steel used in the manufacture of discs borrowed from aircraft construction. The latest technology in the creation of frictional blends successfully competes with scientific laboratories of concerns Valeo and Luk.
  All products E.Sassone meet the requirements of the main vehicle producers plants. The company has a successful experience of delivery to the conveyor of vehocle producers. The largest volumes of deliveries for the agricultural and special machinery, where the quality requirements very high and the toughest loads .
 With the emergence of the clutch kits, clutches and release bearings in the proposal the company has achieved a new level of development. At the same time keeping all the principles of the company in the product\'s quality, innovation and market coverage.

 Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer: http://www.esassone.com/