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OSRAM produces large volumes of lamps for the groups of the most demanding and scrupulous customers worldwide.We\\'re talking about major international automakers.
  Under the pressure of competitors and due to the tightening of safety standards, major automakers each year pose in front  of suppliers of the kits and component parts the problem to improve the quality and performance of the products, this is especially true for lighting engineering. If, to the above, half of each season produced worldwide vehicles equipped with the lamps of the same producer, it says about the quality of its products more than a thousand words.
  OSRAM is the number one company in the world producing of lighting products to the automotive conveyor and supplier of original spare parts for all major car manufacturers and automobile headlights.
 Lamps produced by the company OSRAM for aftermarket have the same quality and are produced in accordance with the same rules and industry standards of automakers that the lamps supplied for assembly of new cars.
  OSRAM products intended for modernization - such as NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED, COOL BLUE INTENSE, SILVERSTAR 2.0, LIGHT @ DAY, DIADEM, SUPER, ALLSEASON SUPER - identical to the corresponding types of lamps used in serial production of car manufacturers so they are original spare parts.

Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.osram.de/