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   Nisshinbo began producing friction materials in 1944. In addition to friction mixtures and materials that are the basis for the manufacture of brake elements, Nisshinbo manufactures parts and assemblies for braking systems for passenger and commercial vehicles - from small and sports cars to heavy trucks. The company supplies disc and drum brake pads to the conveyors of car factories. The holding's clients are well-known Japanese car manufacturers - Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, etc. 
  Nisshinbo's main mission is to develop efficient and environmentally friendly technologies in accordance with the concept of "smart brakes". This means that the components of the Japanese brand not only guarantee effective braking, but also give the driver a sense of comfort and safety. Nisshinbo's proprietary know-how concerns, first of all, friction mixture recipes. The portfolio is based on asbestos-free organic compounds (ceramics) of the latest generation. 
  The holding includes 24 production sites in 14 countries of the world - research centers and factories with a single quality standard. Nisshinbo has its own test site, built in 1988 on the basis of the purchased airfield in the Japanese city of Asahi. The presence of such a track is a prerequisite for suppliers of brake system components to car factories' conveyors. 
  Throughout its history, Nisshinbo has worked with many European companies. Joint technical development was carried out with Girling, Ltd. (now TRW Automotive) and Alfred Teves GmbH (now Continental Automotive). Nisshinbo's strongest partnership is with TMD Friction, the largest friction material developer and OE supplier based in Germany. So, in 1964, together with Small and Parks, Ltd. (now TMD Friction) established drum brakes, and since 1985 Nisshinbo has been researching advanced composite friction technology with Textar GmbH, also part of the TMD Friction group. 
  In 2011 TMD Friction Group S.A. became part of the Japanese holding, becoming its subsidiary. As a result of the merger of the two giants, Nisshinbo Holdings has become the world's # 1 supplier of friction materials.