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Frenkit is the Company specialized in manufacture and distribution of brake components and repair kits for hydraulic brakes and clutch elements, as well as caliper pistons.
  All the products are manufacture under the specifications of the quality regulation ISO 9.001-2.008 that we have obtain recently to guarantee their perfect fitting. 
  For us one of the most important things  is to offer a good service. For that reason we have in our facilities a large stock that allow us to supply the orders within a short time.
  Continually we include new references to improve the range of repair kits and calliper pistons that are available in our CD Catalogue that we update every three months and also in our printed Catalogue that we print every two years.

Frenkit is offering a wide range of repair kits for hydraulic brakes and clutch elements.
  It includes most of Cars makers, not only european, but also japanese and korean. 
  Our company has a well equipped R+D Department to create new references for the last car models.

Repair kits available on the following components:
Master cylinders;
Rear/front wheel cylinders;
Brake Pressure Reducing Valve;
Clutch master cylinders;
Clutch Slave Cylinder


Frenkit also offers a range of calipers pistons produced by OEM standards



Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.frenkit.es/