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  Delphi - is the leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for the market segments of passenger cars, trucks, etc. For over a hundred years Delphi produces spare parts for creating cars, and develops new technologies. All products Delphi Aftermarket reflect the level of innovation and customer service that has made the company a leading supplier of automotive Delphi technologies to the world's leading car producers.
   Company Delphi - developer of practical innovation, safety, capacity and efficiency of the equipment. Proposed by Delphi solutions include technology for cars with petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, fully meet the needs of technicians and customers all over the world.

Delphi offers a wide variety of lubricants suitable for use in engines, transmissions, gearboxes and hydraulic systems from the high-quality mineral to semi-synthetic and synthetic oils. On the global aftermarket of oils and lubricants the company Delphi is known for quality, reliability, long life of service.
  Characteristics of lubricants are very important for engine protection and economic operation of the vehicle during the entire life of the engine. From the modern lubricants requires work in an increasingly complex service conditions and at extreme temperatures. The correct choice of the coefficient of viscosity SAE and classification API / ACEA for a particular purpose plays an extremely important role in improving performance and minimizing the costs of repairs caused by wear of the engine.
  Vehicles equipped with new fuel efficient engines and post-treatment systems require to use of the new lubricants for engines. Post-treatment systems were not fully compatible with all of the components that have traditionally been the part of lubricants.Engine oil contains the high levels of sulphate ash, phosphorus and sulfur (SAPS) may cause clogging of the diesel particulate filter (DPF), what leads to lower performance and increasing fuel consumption.Lubricants with reduced SAPS eliminate this problem thanks to its innovative formula.Lubricants Delphi with low content of sulfate ash, phosphorus and sulfur are adapted to existing internal combustion engines, diesel engines and diesel engines with direct injection, equipped with post-treatment systems (particulate emission filter, catalyst, etc.).

   Delphi regularly updates its range of lubricants characteristics in accordance with the latest European and American standards. In order to achieve the high level of quality has been improved the compositions due to the integration of new high-performance additives.
•Synthetic lubricants
• Semi-synthetic lubricants
• Mineral lubricants
• Transmission and hydraulic lubricants

These products have certificate of conformity issued by the State Certification System UkrSepro.



Fuel diesel filters
  Delphi has a strong reputation of leader in the development and manufacture of fuel filters for diesel engines. The company offers a wide range of original spare parts for fuel filters, parts and products to improve fuel properties. Today, Delphi filters installed as original equipment to the world's best cars and cars for light duty, including Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, PSA, Renault and Ssangyong. They are also used as leading components in trucks, buses and off-road cars.
With the high pressures and fine tolerances involved in today’s Common Rail diesel engine, the cleanliness of fuel has become increasingly important.As little as 5 grams of dirt, 2 to 5 microns in size can cause terminal damage to the fuel injection system, resulting in vehicle downtime and expensive repair bills. Delphi’s range of high-performance fuel filters for Common Rail diesel injection systems has been designed to remove particles down to as little as 2 microns in size, whilst still meeting the demands for long life. This ensures optimum protection of the fuel injection system.

The Delphi Difference:

•Wide range for passenger cars and light-duty commercial vehicles, heavy duty vehicles, agricultural, industrial and shipbuilding.
• Implementation in filters of the latest patented technology by using highly multilayer filtering materials .
• Performs to ISO standards (ISO19438) for durability, water separation and particle removal efficiency.
•  Support change interval up to 120,000km

Suspension and Steering spare parts
  Systems and components of steering and suspension systems are an integral and important in terms of safety, "bodies" of the car. In addition to safety, they directly affect the comfort level of the car while driving. So Delphi, by developing products of steering and suspension,ensures their compliance to standards of the original equipment for the aesthetic criteria, material specifications and performance.
  Delphi provides a complex solution for repair by supplying the steering and suspension kits with all the necessary accessories - bolts, nuts, washers, brackets, compression fittings, corrugated pipes, etc. Thanks to these accessories Delphi helps technical professionals to save time and money.
  Covering more than 90% of the European car park, the Delphi steering & suspension range is comprised of: inner tie rods, tie rod ends, rod assemblies, ball joints, track control arms, wishbones, link stabilisers, king pin sets and steering kits. Components of steering and suspension by Delphi have undergone stringent tests for compliance with size, material quality, reliability and performance tests to ensure optimum quality and performance.
The Delphi Difference:
• A responsible approach to the development process
•Wide selection in the industry: more than 4,700 of catalog numbers
• The product line includes wishbones, ball supports, steering nozzles, stabilizers, silent blocks, rod assemblies, engine mounts and dust caps.

Delphi Shock absorbers
 Delphi shock absorbers are designed and manufactured according to the standards of OEMs and include proper shock absorbers, the coil and pneumatic springs, Top Mount and Protection Kits, covering more than 95% of the European park of cars.
  Built on monotube and twin tube gas or hydraulics technology gas shock absorbers Delphi exposed to hard testing to two million cycles to achieve the highest durability and performance. Delphi also offers a wide range of hydraulic and air springs, dynamic coil springs that improve performance and driveability.

Delphi air module technology for air suspension
  Delphi offers an aftermarket range of air suspension modules, designed and manufactured to meet OE standards. For an easier and more efficient repair, our shock absorbers are supplied with a pre-fitted air sleeve.
The Delphi Difference:
• Enhances the steering and handling of the vehicle for improved safety and comfort.
• Reduces noise and vibrations. 
• Increases strut durability.
• Saves the shock absorber’s efficiency.

Delphi diesel injectors
  As a recognized expert in the field of internal combustion engines and fuel equipment management systems, Delphi aims to help manufacturers reduce the amount of hazardous emissions, improve efficiency and optimize the performance of the power unit. Here is a short list of relevant innovations. System Common Rail Delphi Multec, designed for light diesel engines, built on the principle of the solenoid injectors. However, thanks to the special design of this system for solenoid actuation speed close to piezzo injector - it allows up to 5 injections per working cycle ( injector life is not less than 1 billion injections ). Also, taking into account the requests of manufacturers to reduce the weight and size of the fuel system, Delphi has launched a new generation of pumps DFP3 Common Rail. The weight of such product is only 5-7 kg depending on the modification. This DFP3 pumps are not only quieter, but also more productive. 
  For other diesel innovation Delphi can note a new family of high-performance diesel systems Common Rail for high power motors. The system provides a high level of control of fuel at a pressure of up to 2400 bar, to help automakers meet the environmental standards and CO2. Production of new fuel systems for the engines of medium power will begin in 2016. Especially for manufacturers of heavy equipment, switched to the Euro- 6, Delphi offers an innovative standard fuel F2 system, and in three versions, F2E - for engines with camshaft in the cylinder head, F2P - with bottom location of the camshaft and F2R - standard rail.
  Using his experience leading manufacturer of original spare parts, Delphi provides a complete cycle of products and services , including complete system solutions for the after-sales service of cars, including the supply of pumps , injectors , filters , control units and other critical components. By the way, the repair of these systems technology transferred to the secondary market immediately after the start of sales of cars. Thus, a unit of Delphi Product & Service Solutions (DPSS) has announced the entry of new solutions to repair Two valve unit injectors (EUI) E3 is designed for heavy commercial vehicles . The solution provides the repair of more than 48 models of the pump - injectors and will be implemented in the automotive and special equipment brands Volvo Trucks, Mack, Hyundai, Volvo Penta, Renault Trucks and Nissan.


Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer: http://am.delphi.com/