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CORTECO is an expert in the automotive spare parts as part of the Freudenberg Group.

  CORTECO specializes in production and sale of spare parts for vehicles, namely, seals and parts for control of vibration and noise, and further provides other products, such as cabin air filters. Freudenberg Group is known worldwide as the supplier of original spare parts (OE) to the autoproducer's conveyor. This advantage use the workshops which replace spare parts by ours with the original (OE) quality. Freudenberg Group is the leading manufacturer in the world in the field of seals and parts to control the vibration and noise, as well as cabin air filters.
CORTECO, as part of the Freudenberg Group, has rich traditions, with branches in 52 countries and production facilities worldwide. Company CORTECO trades in the auto parts market from ten places on different continents.

Our range covers radial shaft seals (Simmerring ®), valve seals, integrated radial shaft seals, combined and cassette seals, engine mountings, rubber products, cylinder head gasket and gasket kits for the engine, cabin air filters and brake hoses.
 The company was founded in 1996 and has nine offices, which are located in Germany, Italy, France, UK and Spain, Singapore, the USA, China, Brazil, Poland and Turkey. Since 2007 CORTECO opened offices in Russia and Serbia.

Informaton was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.corteco.com/