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      Company ContiTech, part of the group «Continental» is a leading global specialist for rubber and plastics technology located in Hannover, Germany. Eight separate independent business units of the company develop, produce and offer to the market the functional parts and systems for the needs of the automotive and other industries.Subsidiaries, distribution branches, joint ventures all represent ContiTech in more than 140 countries.
  «ContiTech Power Transmission Group» in a dominant position in production the assemblies for cars by producers provides an excellent platform for international trade of spare parts. Faithful to the principle «Our Drive - Your Success» company ContiTech offers for passenger cars, trucks and buses all the necessary program of components and spare parts for the drive mechanisms.
  Industrial department of ContiTech Power Transmission Systems is a developer, producer and supplier of power transmission belts, matched components and complete belt drive systems for the automotive industry and other industries. ContiTech Power Transmission Systems ranked the first in Europe and one of the world's leaders at the supply of MULTIRIB V-belt .
 The production program for release of timing belts, V-belts and V-ribbed belts meets more than 98 percent of the automotive market needs. At the same time it is constantly updated - new products appear within the shortest time after the start of production of new types of cars in the amount offered for sale of spare parts.
The product range includes:

•Drive belts: toothed, wedge and ribbed for passenger cars and trucks
•Sets for change the belts with matching components. 


Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer: http://www.contitech.de/