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In recent years in the modern car dramatically increased the number of devices and options that consume electric energy.
  On the one hand, this is ensuring security (ABS, ESP, airbags, alarm, power-board computer, heater and remote control of rearview mirrors), on the other - is increasing comfort and convenience of driving (power windows, air conditioning, sound system, navigation system, charger to the mobile phone, heated seats).
  All together is extremely heavy load on the-board of electrical system and also on the battery. In addition, the battery should provide the solution to the main task - to start the cold engine.
  For the cars with small number of additional options Bosch offers Batteries S3, providing reliable power supply for a long time. Capacity 41-90 A-4 for cars and trucks.
  For the higher demands Bosch recommends starting batteries S4 Silver, suitable for most classes of vehicles. Increased starting power ensures fast and reliable engine start at any time of the year. S4 Silver line covers 97% of the European car market and includes batteries for Asian vehicles. Capacity 40-95 Ah for the passenger cars and trucks.
  S5 Series is specially designed for modern vehicles with plenty of electrical systems such as ESP, prestart heating, air conditioning, CD / DVD-players, etc. These series are recommended for installation on diesel cars. Capacity 52-110 Aoch for passenger cars and trucks.
Series S6 - AGM technology for premium cars.
To create conditions for the safe operation of various systems of security and comfort in the new generation of vehicles, requires technology that can cover the extreme energy and, at the same time, to ensure reliable starting. New batteries by Bosch S6 AGM HighTec, made ​​by technology AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat), ensure compliance of these requirements day by day. Due to non-flowing electrolyte battery Bosch S6 AGM HighTec with extreme resistance to charge / discharge cycles and unique durability. In addition, these batteries are completely maintenance-free, have a 100% leakproofness and extreme vibration resistance.
  Batteries T5, made ​​by "silver technology", have enormous reserve capacity and require no maintenance. Even in extreme conditions Tecmaxx provide quick and easy starting, they consume very little water and have extreme resistance to corrosion.
T5 - the first "silver" batteries for trucks.100% protection from leakage on slopes at 90 degrees. Safe even when installing inside the car.

Gasoline injection
  Bosch gasoline injection system produced in accordance with the latest in modern technology, what means a combination of many years of experience and the latest developments.
  The result - minimization of fuel consumption, the optimal engine power, reduced emission.
  Today, Bosch is the leader in the production of complex systems and gasoline injection components such as the fuel priming pump, electromagnetic and mechanical injectors, lambda sensors, controllers, sensors for various purposes, and many more.
Autoproducers trust to the quality of Bosch products, trust  is confirmed by the fact that Bosch is the one of the leading suppliers of these systems to the conveyor.

Diesel injection
Direct injection system by Bosch made ​​the diesel engines not only more sporty, but also more economical.
Diesel becomes more attractive with every day, more than every third of new cars in Western Europe is a diesel. Bosch, as the largest supplier of diesel injection systems to autoproducer's conveyors , is also the largest supplier of spare parts to the market.
Injectors, sprays plunger pairs, glow plugs, fuel pump parts for repair, this is not a complete list of the spare parts offered by Bosch for workshops and trade organizations.
As the leading producer of diesel injection systems, Bosch supplies components for diesel engines producers worldwide.

To ensure guaranteed delivery of components and spare parts, except for Germany, Bosch plants are located in India, Turkey, Brazil, France and the United States. At all of these factories production meets the same quality parameters as in Germany. All factories are certified in the single system of quality.
To ensure the quality of production the equipment and product samples are tested by the central quality department on the regular basis. So even if you bought products Bosch, produced not in Germany, one thing must be clear: there is only one level of quality Bosch.

  Horns and fanfares of Bosch, produced from high quality materials, can be installed on any vehicle. Their strong and harmonious sound provides a high level of security and gives personality to the car.
By using powerful Teflon filters and resistant to external influences shell provide a long service life to devices.
Bosch Company presents the program of acoustic devices for all occasions:
 •Vibrating signals 6/12 / 24V
 • Electromagnetic fanfare 12V
 • Compressor fanfare 12 / 24V
 • Pneumatic fanfare 6-8 bar

Optics and Lightning Technology
  As in many other areas of automotive technology, Bosch stood at the origins (since 1913) and has made a significant contribution the development of the lighting technology for cars. Today, Bosch has created the company Magnetti Marelli a joint venture which is called Automotive Lighting (AL), which is the one of the largest suppliers of lighting technology to the conveyor.
  Bosch headlights ensure optimum illumination of the road in all conditions and are a brilliant example of competence, quality and reliability. Leading car producers are working closely for decades with our engineers for lighting technology.
  In the world there are few companies capable to produce the Lightning Technology that meets the high quality requirements of leading auto producers. Today's program on Lightning Technology from Bosch consists of about 5000 (!) of different positions: main and additional lights, lamps, parts of headlamps and lights, etc. And all this from a single producer!

Drive belts
  Transmission of engine power to all units of the car and to the camshaft is achieved by the drive belts. Modern engines demand extremely high requirements of drive belts.Belts must withstand enormous mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses.
  The mechanical requirements include the high tensile strength, constancy of length and shape, high wear resistance. Belts must be resistent to the chemical attack from oil, grease, water and ultraviolet radiation.
  While the engine is working- the drive belt is exposed to the influence of high and low temperatures. In particular, in winter the temperature under the hood can range from-300C to +1800 C. At such temperature fluctuations the drive belt should not change its operating character.
  When developing and producing drive belt is not acceptable any compromises to the made demands. Because the destruction of the belt while the engine is working can lead to serious damage and costly repairs.
  The drive belts Bosch have the highest quality and reliability, developed and produced in accordance with all requirements of automakers to provide the required service life.

 Sparkplugs Bosch - the quality based on more than a century of experience. Bosch is one of the world's leading producers of spark plugs to supply the conveyor and the aftermarket .
  Bosch Super Plus - yttrium-alloy plug with high resistance to corrosion and the stable ability of ignition. Together with the progress of the engines, have improved the engine spark plugs, to always meet the latest technology.
  In close cooperation with automakers, Bosch have developed the proper spark plug for each type of engine, thereby achieving reliable operation over the lifetime, reduced fuel consumption, engine protection and catalyst, as well as reducing emissions of toxic substances.
 Bosch Super Plus - yttrium-alloy plug with high resistance to corrosion and the stable ability of ignition. 
  Bosch Super 4 - 4 thin side electrodes and the center electrode silvered and sharpened, technology of surface air-gap spark, allowing achieving optimum engine performance.
  Spark plugs for special use - Bosch-platinum, Bosch-silver plugs for small engines.
You can be sure in the benefits of the latest technology and optimum engine performance with the spark plugs Bosch.

Glow plugs
  Faster start, instead of waiting. Car drivers with diesel engines know that on cold days sometimes it's difficult to start the engine. Because the glow plugs in the cold start phase can be cooled down by the intake air, plugs Bosch Duraterm have sufficient heating to immediately add the required heat. 
 With the emergence of glow plugs Bosch Duraterm, to start the engine in cold weather now you need in half less time. Contact of of spiral turns or, especially, a short circuit to the housing of the plug that leads to the failure of the plug,with the Bosch Duraterm plugs excluded.
  Progress does not stand still, and the Bosch engineers have developed new glow plugs Rapiterm. With these plugs, the engine is ready to start after 1 second!

Ignition system
 In addition with the components of fuel systems, Bosch also supplies components of ignition systems for gasoline engines. As the leading provider in this industry, Bosch works closely with developers of new car engines and have a long history of successful experience. Bosch offers products that correspond to the the most modern way of research and development, that is shown in compliance with all types of engines, low fuel consumption, optimum power and reduction of the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases.
  Bosch is one of the leading suppliers of components of the ignition system to the conveyor and to the consumer market. Coil units, distributors of the ignition system and it's parts, plugs, high-voltage wires and other components supplied by Bosch as parts of ignition systems.
  Main characteristics, which correspond to given production from Bosch:
• full compliance with the specific engine
• Minimization of fuel consumption
• optimal power
• reduces emissions of toxic gases.

Starters, generators and components
 In 1886 Robert Bosch opens in Stuttgart Workshop for Precision Mechanics, where in 1887 was developed a low voltage magneto for stationary engines.
In 1902, Robert Bosch by his invention of high voltage magneto and spark plug initiated the development of ignition systems for gasoline engines.
 Reliable Starting for more high-speed engines, finally decided "the problem of problems" (Karl Benz about ignition).
In 1906, Robert Bosch developed the so-called "electric car", which was a car DC generator. Cars improved, but only in 1911 appeared engines with an electric starter.
Starters and generators from Bosch products are characterized by:
• High performance
• High degree of resistance against the influence of factors such as dirt, water, high temperature
• Long life with intensive use
• Low noise level
• Small size combined with low weight
  Today, Bosch is the largest supplier of starters and alternators in Europe. Almost 100% of freight and 50% of passenger cars produced in Europe, equipped with Bosch starter generator from the conveyor.

Brake systems
  One of the most important  of the vehicle safety systems - braking system. All of its components - are components of security.
  Brake system is secure as much, as reliable its weakest point.In many situations, such as unexpected traffic jam on the freeway or a man suddenly appeared on the roadway, a good reaction and reliability of the brakes - that's what truly matters.
  The driver must be 100% confident in the braking system of his car. So there is no room for compromise.
  Company Bosch, is the leader of European producers of brake systems, not only ensures the highest quality of brake systems and its components, but also sets standards that are held by the leading autoproducers when it comes to systems conveyor assembly.
  Maximum security is guaranteed by the high quality of braking braking systems and their components, from Bosch, the European producer of brake systems No. 1High level of security from Bosch is based on many years of experience and innovation in this field: from the first vacuum brake booster in 1927 to supermodern systems ABS, ASR, ESP and SBC.That Bosch developed and introduced into production in 1978, the anti-lock braking system of the vehicle ABS.Thanks to the technical competence and constant innovative developments of Bosch the braking systems and components by all the characteristics always meet the latest technology. Automakers, workshops, network of retailers and hence car owners receive from Bosch only products of the highest quality, what is a key factor of traffic safety and driver satisfaction.
  That\\'s why the leading automakers set to the conveying line the brake systems and its components by Bosch as original equipment for their vehicles.

  Modern vehicles are equipped with more complex engines and fuel injection systems. High-tech systems require high-tech and high-quality components. Work of the whole system depends on the operation of each of the components separately.
Individual parts of the engine and the injection made with such accuracy that the slightest speck of dust that gets into them can lead to serious damage. That\\'s why filters have such a huge meaning for the car.
Bosch is well known as a developer and supplier of injection systems and their components to conveyors of leading autoproducers.
  In particular, Bosch produce and supplies the fuel filters to the conveyors of automakers. The secret lies in the technology of the filter element. The filter element is made from a sheet of special paper of approximately 5300 cm2.
  The pore size of only 0.006 mm. Furthermore,is used the new technology of joining parts without using glue. All this allows to achieve a flawless long periods of service of the engine and injection system components.
  Filters clogged with time, so they should be changed. Recommended to change the oil filter at every oil change. Fuel and air filters are changed in the terms defined by the autoproducer. Cabin Filter - every 15,000 kilometers.Should be remembered that the cabin filters can not be purged by air or shaked, as it is done with the engine air filter This destroys micro-fiber layer and filter effect is lost.
  Today, Bosch offers a program with more than 1,500 types of fuel, oil, air and cabin air filters that can cover more than 89% vehicles of the European and Asian automakers. Today, Bosch offers a program with more than 1,500 types of fuel, oil, air and cabin air filters that can cover more than 89% of the cars of European and Asian automakers. Regular new developments expand program of the filters for new cars. All filters meet the requirements of car producers and guarantee full functionality throughout the producer\\'s recommended service life.

Wiper blades
 Recognized high quality of Bosch wiper blades is shown in window cleaning and long service life. Innovative technology of Bosch wiper blades ensures the best visibility on the road and maximum reliability. Today, more and more producers equip their cars on the conveyor by the wiper blades of the BOSCH company - from Volkswagen Polo and Peugeot 407 to Maybach.
  Aerotwin wiper blades with a two-component synthetic rubber belt ( name Twin - means double), as well as traditional wiper blades with TWIN stick system, have won the test series in 2003 In tests by automotive magazines such as ADAC Motorwelt, Autobild, Auto Motor and Sport, wiper blades Aerotvin took first place. It is not surprising - as in other areas of automotive technology, BOSCH for decades is a leading producer of wiper blades and wiper systems thanks to its innovation policy.
 First wiper blades with electric drive, appeared at the market in 1926, determined the follow technical development. For example, in 1971 BOSCH for the first time brought to the market wiper blades with intermittent operation, and in 1994 - a two-component rubber wiper blades «TWIN».
 In 1999, appeared a universal power adapter QUICK-CLIP and new wiper blades Aerotwin, and in 2001 - Reversing drive wiper.Since 2004, the further innovative progress of BOSCH was an anti-friction coating for rubber of the wiper blades for all TWIN, what increases comfort of cleaning glass, including all dry parts of the glass surface.

 Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.bosch-auto.com.ua/