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 Products, by which is famous the HI-GEAR company, includes the most precious things in the world - knowledge and experience. For years the meticulous auto -fans were choosing the most effective, really working autochemistry products for their vehicles. HI-GEAR Company was founded in the 90s with the aim to discover for drivers the highest quality products for the repair, maintenance and car care. To achieve this goal, each proposed drug is tested and adjusted to ensure the highest quality and reliability. Only such drugs are manufactured by HI-GEAR and presented in our product range.
  All products is the result of the large team of experts in the field of car repair and maintenance, in addition, in these drugs is reflected the work of physicists and chemists, experience of enthusiasts of autobusiness.
HI-GEAR is the company specializing in the production of chemicals and auto cosmetics products of the highest quality for a wide range of use- cars, trucks, vehicles for agriculture, forestry, construction, mining, etc.
We hope that when you buy the HI-GEAR product, for example, cleaner for injectors, you can be sure in the quality of this product and that it will solve all the problems, improve engine performance and increase life of the vehicle. HI-GEAR offers single product line chemistry – which justify all expectations. HI-GEAR products destroy the wall of mistrust and expand the horizons. We know that with the help of HI-GEAR you can solve any problems arising during the operation, repair and maintenance of your vehicle.


    Company Done Deal Adhesives Lab, Inc. has successful experience in the design and manufacture of high-tech adhesives. DONE DEAL produces the wide range of modern facilities for bonding, sealing, repair and restore the variety of parts and components of vehicles, as well as any other equipment. And if for some well-established in the market popular compositions the company uses the classic formulas, in most cases its agents includes the newest, unique developments that significantly exceed their analogs by their operating parameters and characteristics: this is superglue for "oily surfaces" and the super filler that not makes your hands dirty with working temperatures up to 315 degrees C, and the polymer repair tape that withstand temperatures up to 260 ° C and pressures up to 35 atm. etc.
  Vehicle owners, of course, primarily are interested in issues relating to the selection and use of the various groups of chemicals in the repair and maintenance of the "iron friend." Often already in the title of the commercially available formulations determined use of a particular composition, such as , "Adhesive for bonding rear view mirrors", "Anaerobic threadlocker", "Ties for the muffler repair", "Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit", "The heat-resistant lubricant that prevents" sticking " of the thread", "Light-curing flowing resin to repair Triplex auto glass", "Restorer of bearings landings ", "The composition for sealing gaskets of the windshields," etc. But the аrеа of usage of the compositions, of course, is much greater. For example, "with high-strength sealing for locking the thread" can be restored the landing of the bearing rolling . Usually, received the first positive results from the usage of the sealant for its intended purpose, vehicle owners themselves enthusiastically begin to expand area of its application.
   Products of Done Deal Adhesives Lab, Inc.company, however, as all that is distributed through the dealer network of AGA, has the wide range, high consumer properties and easy to use.
    The main feature of Done Deal Adhesives Lab, Inc. is to focus on the production of compounds, most adapted to meet the needs of both -professionals of automobile business and vehicle owners. Of course, that most of the compounds of DONE DEAL can be successfully used not only for maintenance of the motor vehicles, but also in everyday life. Appearance at the Ukrainian market of a new name -DONE DEAL - is a natural phenomenon, because, as you know, demand creates supply and demand for high-quality goods - even more . There is no doubt that using DONE DEAL products vehicle owners will probably find simple and effective solutions to many problems associated with the repair and maintenance of the car. And then in their garages the familiar tools and traditional gaskets have to considerably make room on the shelves- giving place for more progressive and economical means - adhesives and sealants!


   StepUp -is a separate company, purchased by Hi-Gear. In StepUp work experts and professionals, fluent in the market with a lot of chemistry and with excellent technical and marketing ideas.
Many well-known producers use developments made by the professionals working in StepUp. European consumers have already appreciated the high quality of these compositions and successfully use them.Today the Ukrainian car owners got a gift from StepUp wonderful products that took years of hard work to make.
  What is different about this line of products from many others, and first of all on Hi-Gear? Well, should not Hi-Gear itself produce competitors? The fact that Hi-Gear and StepUp have their highlights, but even at first glance similar compounds, still differ. Unites Hi-Gear and Step-Up the fact that compounds guaranteed provide achieving the results that are stated. Most of Hi-Gear products are packed in metal cans, which allows to use good working classic ingredients that <does not hold> plastic containers. StepUp uses an effective new products, suitable for packaging in plastic bottles. So Hi-Gear can be classified as the professional line, and StepUp - the high-quality autochemistry for automotive service. Some compaunds by StepUp, for example, the oil group showed excellent results at Hi-Gear. But the main thing is that consumers want to have a choice.
  Technical fluids and lubricants - is generally a different story. Testers have broken vehicle friction (bent the shaft), trying to <wedge> for testing grease lubrication intended for bearings. It turned out that this grease resistant to exorbitant critical load, which even the test module can not create. This indicates that the wheel bearings processed by StepUp, will go on forever. Grease <CV Axle>(constant-velocity joint) has the unique ability to displace water, sand and dirt from the friction zone. This means that when the cover is torn <CV Axle> you can safely get to the workshop under its own power, and at the same time with <CV Axle> nothing happens.
  Brake fluids and strengthening of helm fluids(Power Steering fluids) meet all the strict standards and can be successfully applied to any vehicles. All products of StepUp are fully approved by the International center for testing and certification of auto chemical goods.


ENERGY RELEASER (ER) is designed to work on any rubbing parts to radically reduce friction and wear. Applied by adding to any lubricants or by coating the rubbing surfaces, working with little lubrication or without lubrication at all. Anti-friction ENERGY RELEASE METAL CONDITIONER (in translation - "releasing energy") is considered the one of the most advanced scientific developments of the late twentieth century. Conditioner ENERGY RELEASER manufactured for more than 15 years and today has received the wide recognition in the world by the abbreviation ER and as the winner of friction. As a result of the most advanced scientific researches in the field of new methods to control friction and wear ER still remains unsurpassed achievement at the level of sensation!
   The developer and manufacturer of ER is only the company ENERGY RELEASE Products Corp. (USA). 
   WHAT IS ER "in two words":
ER - is a synthetic compound comprising an active KNOW-HOW component. By its physical meaning ER - is not a lubricant and not a detergent oil. ER is a special way that modifies the tribological properties of the metal rubbing surfaces, what significantly reduces the frictional force and wear rate.Oil or other technical fluids are used only as a carrier for delivery ER to the friction sites. At the same time ER does not affect performance of the lubricant, or any other product.
Principle of ER action is not associated with the improved lubricant properties, it is based on the conditioning - giving to the surface structure of the metal the optimal tribological properties ( conditions) by targeting the boundary layer in the work process of the friction pair.
   During the conditioning process occurs optimization of the subroughness of contacting surfaces (without changing the macrosize of the details) by forming on them the finest protective (servovite) layer of chemically pure iron. As a sufficiently soft material, chemically pure iron applied to the solid surface of the part creates an ideal friction pair, with a low resistance to the shear and high strength. Thus, at the local break (or absence) of the oil film between the rubbing parts the direct contact does not occur due to the presence of "isolating" servovite layer.
    Such combination of the named conditions determines the cardinal reduction of the friction forces and wear rate.


  Doctor Wax Company was purchased by Hi-Gear and operates as a separate division. The company Doctor Wax have gathered great specialists and professionals of auto cosmetics, with the knowledge of the whole automarket and who have a huge amount of practical operating time.
  Redivision of the car market of America, repurchase of the main manufacturers of autocosmetics (companies such as Blue Coral) have led to the fact that independent and talented professionals did not want to work under the new leadership of the newly created monster-holdings, the purpose of which is the pre-preparation of the company for future implementation. Such persons form the basis of any company and always find work. As a result of their association emerged Company the Doctor Wax.
And their final product, you can try - it is great. Doctor Wax produces more than 70 modern compositions of car care, at once which became bestsellers and won the hearts of car lovers. To tell you more about the preparations making up the one whole - the system of protection and extend the life of the car.





  Company MEGUIAR `S, is the one of the oldest manufacturers of the car care products, was founded in 1901 in the USA. From the-old horseless carriages to the latest high-tech coatings - Luxury car care at all times!
Today, the company works closely with the world's leading automobile manufactures: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Honda, Land Rover, GM, Mitsubishi, Ford, Infiniti, Toyota, Jaguar.