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ARNTZ OPTIBELT GROUP (Germany) is the international corporation, which invests in the development and production technologies. Since 1872, the company has continuously developed and owns 8 production sites and 37 offices worldwide, highly qualified staff of technicians and engineers. 
OPTIBELT is OEM supplier to many assembly lines of the world. OPTIBELT assortment of products includes over 4,500 items such as wedge belts, V-ribbed belts, timing belts, timing repair kits, tensioners for passenger cars, LCV and trucks.

For Optibelt as a specialist in automotive drive system production, precision is no end in itself. In times of global production, our full range of belts, pulleys and tensions offers absolute safety and the best quality. This is because we know exactly what depends on it: Your products, your equipment and your future.
For you, Optibelt brand products are an active protection of your investments. Precisely because our
drive systems are invisible in your product, we incorporate what is lacking elsewhere: Responsibility.
Our passion is to stand in for this approach. More than 2000 employees in our international network
see to it that this optimal product quality is assured.
With our specialisation, we not only give a clear signal, but we set standards. Nominations and awards time and again confirm this. And in order to ensure that this will remain so, we continually Invest in research and development, because the world of modern automation and decentralized production is our focus.

The German company Optibelt started with the production of rubber threads in 1872. Emil Arnz founded the firm Höxtersche Gummifädenfabrik in the German Höckster. It was the first enterprise of similar profile in continental Europe, and success to it was provided. Soon the assortment of products was significantly expanded due to the production of rubber products for medicine, transport, industry and domestic use.
In 1914, the company was nationalized, like many enterprises with foreign capital, and production stopped to resume in 1918, when Richard Arnz was able to set up work. The company remained a family enterprise and survived the Second World War almost without losses, which allowed to earn at full capacity already in 1948.
Postwar production was redesigned for the production of drive wedge-shaped belts, and the company changed its trademark to Optibelt. Significant demand for similar products in post-war Europe allowed the company to expand and take leading positions in its field.
In 1959, the great-grandson of the founder of the company Arnulf Ammen engaged in expansion to foreign markets. Sales offices were opened throughout Germany and a number of international distribution companies. In 1968, the first foreign production was opened in Northern Ireland, and in 1975 the company became known as Arntz Optibelt KG. The development of production abroad continued: factories were opened in France, Ireland, Romania, the Netherlands and China. The main specialization of the company is still drive belts for transport and industry. In her catalog more than 12 thousand items of only different versions of belts. In addition, it can find other components of the drive: tensioners, bypass rollers and a tool for adjustment and adjustment. In the arsenal of the company are several technologies that provide increased accuracy and durability of synchronizing belts. A great advantage is also the rich assortment of poly-V-belts - literally of any length and scope.

Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:www.optibelt.com/en/optibelt-group/about-optibelt.html