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  Company K & K was founded in 1980 as a family business in the town Cegled (Hungary) and since then has produced various metal products and brake hoses for trucks. Since 1990 the company's specialization -the release of brake hoses for cars. Since 1995 the company called K & K '95 BT KFT, but it is often called simply K & K.
 K & K offers a very wide range of quality brake hoses for cars and minibuses. Today, the company produces about 850 different types of hoses. K & K has ISO 9002 quality certificate.

 Any manufacturing process finishes by the control of products - this is an axiom of any product. K & K, produces an important part of the brake system - the hose, with increased attention refers to the process of control. Before it reaches the the counter, the brake hoses of K & K must successfully complete a set of control operations and tests. For example it may be noted such tests of control samples from the production batch:
Leak tests;
Axial load tests;
Tests for tensile strength;
Tests for resistance to frost;
Cyclic endurance test.
By these and other expensive tests, K & K guarantees the quality and significantly improves safety.


Information was taken from the Internet site of the producer:  http://www.brakehose.hu/