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KYB received the award from the concern PSA.

Michelle Wen, PSA Global Purchasing and Supplier quality; Executive Vice President, Keiichi Handa, KYB Corporation, Executive Vice President; Alain Raposo, PSA Powertrain, Battery and Chassis Engineering, Senior Vice President

KYB Corporation was awarded the "For the Value of Products and Service" award from the PSA Group for the annual nomination of suppliers for outstanding achievements in technology.
This award is a recognition of the ability of KYB Corporation to offer "innovative technical solutions and new value creation services."
KYB Company and 15 other suppliers were awarded honorary awards at this event, which annually celebrates the best of the best among more than 8000 world suppliers of this leading automaker.
KYB has been working closely with the PSA for a number of recent years, and this award mainly relates to the new Progressive Hydraulic Damper system, which was developed for the Citroen C5 Aircross and is already being used on other Citröen models.
Mike Howarth, president of KYB Europe Aftermarket, commented: "KYB is constantly investing in research and development to improve the suspension of cars, and this award once again demonstrates to our customers the significance of this innovative shock absorber design, which is already used in several car models throughout Europe. "