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Delphi Technologies presents a new brand, products and services.

The global supplier of automotive components and solutions invests in the development of technologies and competencies in the auto service segment - it is this area in the near future will undergo the most dynamic changes in the history of the automotive industry.
• New GDi utility program
• New solution for steering repair
• New diagnostic tools
• Brand new and effective brand
The Automechanika exhibition in Frankfurt (September 11-15, Hall 4.0, booth C12) was selected by Delphi Technologies as a platform for the presentation of a new development strategy for the aftermarket car market, which was dictated by the office in December 2017 from Delphi Automotive. The global supplier of advanced technologies for powertrains intends to use its experience in creating original components to provide new and exciting opportunities for customers of the aftermarket car market that is undergoing a period of unprecedented changes.
"Our industry is undergoing the most dynamic changes in its more than a century-long history," said Alex Ashmore, president of Delphi Technologies Aftermarket. - As a leading manufacturer of original components, we have a clear idea of new technologies that will soon come to the STO segment. However, this is only half the overall picture:. The aftermarket car market has its own technological roadmap, implying, for example, cloud placement and updating of information, the use of complex diagnostic systems and much more. These changes already occur and concern everyone without exception. We have witnessed one of the most exciting stages in the development of the industry. "
At the end of last year, Delphi Technologies separated into an independent company. It was formed on the basis of Delphi Automotive (now Aptiv) subdivisions dealing with power units and spare parts. A comprehensive portfolio of technologies, including fuel injection systems, power electronics and control systems for classic, hybrid and electric cars and commercial vehicles, helps leading global automakers create more environmentally friendly, reliable and efficient cars.
"Our deep knowledge and experience in the field of technologies for creating original components have already confirmed their importance for our customers engaged in after-sales services," explains Ashmore. - For example, on the basis of a successful program for servicing diesel engines, the GDi program is now being created, one of the fastest growing areas of high-tech vehicle maintenance in independent service stations. As a supplier of original components, we are aware of the seriousness of the problems associated with servicing systems operating under high pressure and manufactured with "aerospace" tolerances. They require the use of highly specialized diagnostic and repair equipment, as well as spare parts of the highest quality to perform effective and faultless repairs. Cooperating with Delphi Technologies, SRTs can build a profitable, fast-growing business in a rapidly growing industry. "
Automechanika will present new products and a new brand at the exhibition
Visitors to the C12 stand in Hall 4.0 will be able to see many new technologies and discuss them with specialists from Delphi Technologies. Along with new components of GDI and diagnostic tools, concrete examples of the use of electrical systems with a working voltage of 48 V will be demonstrated. This is another fast-growing direction in which Delphi Technologies develops its business associated with original components. A less complex but no less significant direction - a new line of products for repairing the steering - will also be presented at the exhibition.
"Many suppliers believe that the quality of the product is limited to the product placed in the packaging. We are confident that the quality also depends on the relationship being built, "said Jean-Francois Bouveyron, Vice President, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket, EMEA. - Relations with customers will be successful only if we can offer everything from diagnostic equipment to training and technical support. We are proud to know and understand what is really important for our customers. You will see even more evidence for this, as we are increasing the number of new products introduced to the market. "
A new range of components for the steering system is an example of such a scrupulous approach. "We are aware of the value of the working time of the auto mechanic and understand what the situations lead to when repairs can not be completed on the first attempt," Buweiron states. - Therefore, in the box with spare parts, we lay everything that is necessary for repair. In our assortment you will see many similar examples of customer care. "
This priority is embodied in the new unified brand Delphi Technologies, which combines both original components and products and solutions for the after-sales service market. "Spare parts Delphi Technologies, supplied in the service station, will have the same marking as the components installed on the assembly line," Ashmore concludes. "Now it\'s a single business, combining a deep understanding of automotive technologies and supporting the successful work of our customers."
Among the other elements of Delphi Technologies\' exposition are the following:
• New reconditioned spare parts and solutions for repairing the diesel injection system of the latest generation, including repair of C4i injectors;
• Extended range of components for the engine management system (the coverage of the range of vehicles for sensors has been significantly increased);
• a comprehensive solution for repairing the steering, including all the necessary parts for performing quality repairs on the first attempt, as well as a new detailed catalog;
• A new diagnostic tool with OBD interface, providing reliable and rapid diagnosis of key systems for a wide range of vehicles.