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Japanese quality of relations.

In this article, which resulted from communication with KYB representatives at the Automechanika 2016 exhibition in Frankfurt, we decided not to talk about what everyone should already know: about KYB\\'s global leadership in the field of shock absorbers and the large share of their supplies in the OEM.
Instead, we decided to find out what the Japanese companies differ in principle, both in terms of internal culture, and how it is implemented in the service for customers.
We have an opinion that Japanese culture is very tough. However, this is only partly true. Iron discipline and high exactingness are balanced by a very careful attitude to everything: to nature, to the cultural environment and to the person himself. For example, in Japanese companies, dismissal is very rare. To dismiss can except for an incorrigible maliciousness. If a person has made a mistake, it is considered that it is not his fault, as well as superiors and the company as a whole. If the error is very serious, a person can be lowered and sent to refresher courses.
This approach the company translates and into relationships with its customers - it is believed that the mechanic\\'s mistake in setting the shock absorber will be counted toward the company\\'s representation if it has not done everything possible for the training of installers. After all, despite the actual figure of factory defects within 1 ppm (1: 1 million), an unsatisfactory result of repair in the eyes of the car owner casts a shadow on the reputation of not only the car service, but the manufacturer of the installed component. And to "preserve" the face, as is known - the main thing for any Japanese.
In order to exclude mistakes as much as possible, Sergey Nemyaty, responsible for the project "KYB-Service" in Ukraine, conducts at least a dozen seminars a year, collecting up to 50 people for each. The seminars cover not only signs of wear of shock absorbers, springs and supports, but also common installation errors, as well as working with the client on the importance of diagnosing the suspension and the need to replace its individual elements, since the condition of shock absorbers depends on their condition.
However, despite the availability of its own service concept, KYB focuses on the availability of technical information to everyone, since when installing a shock absorber on any service station, the company, like truly Japanese, is really interested in minimizing claims. The company does not refuse to consider even the appeals of the final customers, if they, when they addressed the complaint, were given a "turn from the gate" on the service. And if it turns out to be "KYB-Service" - then the conversation will be really tough, although usually everything is settled in the Japanese spirit - by compulsory training of a careless mechanic who used improper tools or ignored other requirements of the installation instructions.
Vyacheslav Lomeiko, the head of the KYB representative office in Ukraine, comments on the company\\'s advertising policy: "The work of the Ukrainian representative office of KYB with the distributors on complaints is prompt, cases are considered by the company\\'s experts on the spot, and if necessary, the return process does not create problems. Although, of course, despite all its loyalty, KYB can not uncontrollably exchange shock absorbers, damaged due to incorrect installation. That\\'s why any mechanic or end user should be able to get instant access to technical information on a particular article. "
Each product box has a QR code, which provides several options to choose from: review the installation instructions, general information on replacement and installation, and recommendations - what to look for when replacing shock absorbers. The option "Tools", which will help you choose the appropriate tool for each stage of the work. Naturally, all the necessary information and instructions are also available in pdf-files. In addition, the list of video editing instructions is expanding, which can be downloaded on the official website of www.kyb-europe.com, and also on YouTube channel KYB Europe Videos. For today, there are already 120 videos on the most difficult cases. And the number of views - more than 1.5 million shows that mechanics really use this tool.
The last innovation of KYB in the field of technical and information support is the opportunity to view 3D images of products. More than 1700 items can be scrolled to 360o, increasing if desired, on the site www.kyb-europe.com. When the ability to download 3D images will appear in TesDoc - they will re-travel there. Regular photos in TecDoc are for more than 5,600 numbers for all product groups.
Images will help not only in the process of selecting parts for a specific car, taking into account the geometry and fastenings. They also allow you to see how the original KYB shock absorber looks in detail, in order to avoid buying a counterfeit. And you should not believe the stories of sellers from the bazaar, if they in the case of a visible discrepancy markings or paint claim that "Their shock absorber - also KYB, only for the aftermarket." All KYB shock absorbers for OE and secondary market are produced on the same lines, with the same quality control. Because in Japan it is not customary to divide customers into "varieties" - everyone is equally valuable.
In any case, wherever KYB shock absorbers are installed, their efficiency and suitability is the face of the company, which it can not in any case lose. And the expectations corresponding to the price of the premium segment should be justified by the large replacement interval in comparison with the cheap product, even despite the condition of our roads. After all, KYB, specializing in shock absorbers and hydraulics, deals with the most complex tasks in the world - the creation of systems for damping seismic shocks for Tokyo skyscrapers, and shock absorbers for landing gear racks. So when you applaud after a soft landing, then your ovations are addressed not only to the pilot (and often already to the autopilot with the automatic landing system), but also to the KYB shock absorbers.