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Web-site TRW Aftermarket is the best web site 2016 year.

  Development of global web site came true by maximal ratesduring one year by the command of company TRW,engaging in digital technologies, in a collaboration with heragencies of digital technologies of LAW Creative and Ultimedia.
  The increase of number of visits became the result of it in thewhole world on 56 percents and increase on a 41 percent ofnumber of FTUS. 
  A bonus European Excellence Award, being part of the large global program, was founded for celebration in honour of the distinguished achievements in area of marketing andcommunications. For this time, in 10th of handing, a bonus got stunning 12 000 requests for all her history.
  A judge in the complement of that the group of the mostinfluential in Europe specialists entered on communications from all industries of industry estimated nominees on the rank of the best web site in accordance with next criteria: creativity, innovations, strategy, realization and result. Other pretenders on a bonus it was been industrial giants of BMW and Bosch, and also global touristcompany Thomas Cook.
  A bonus was presented on the ceremony of handing of European Excellence Award, conducted in the hotel of RitzCarlton in Berlin, Germanium, December, 8. On behalf of TRW Aftermarket she was got by Alexander Knorn, leaderon global development of digital technologies of TRW Aftermarket.
  "We extraordinarily are proud of that got this bonus, as it confirms that today TRW Aftermarket sets in all industry a slatin regard to the web site and digital operations", -Alexander Knorn comments.
  It became culmination of many months of the extraordinarily strained work and collaboration between our central command, engaging in digital technologies, and our partnerson the global marketing. Proceeding in work of web site is part of the large global program of continuous strategic development of digital technologies and their realization; and all of it comes true taking into account our clients and them necessities. Our primary purpose is a help to the market in asearch, being and acquisition of necessary products from 40 000 brand details of TRW".
  Works on development were conducted for providing of actuality of web site and his globalization with the purpose of scope of all devices. For a facilitation and acceleration of work of users on every page of web-site innovations were inculcated in the field of intuitional functions. To the numberof improvements behave: improvement of possibilities of theuse by video data, use of more comfortable for users cataloguing facilities, improvement of content, addition of division of news, technical equipments and practicalguidances. Now a web site is accessible on 15 languages.
  Results talk for itself:
- Searches on a catalogue grew on 130%  9 million euro made additional
- the Unique visits of web-site increased on to the 90% comparing to the industry standard
- Amount of recommendations grew on a 189% of the repeated visitors increased on 70%
- Mean time conducted on every page grew on 60%.