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From the all-wheel drive to the super-long wheelbase: for each van Sprinter, Crafter and LT II company GKN offers the right propeller shaft.

  Light commercials are subjected to high loads, and with it with them can hardly be compared to any other class of cars. Frequent operation at short distances and the use of high-torque diesel engines create a high load on the entire drive mechanism. Only technically advanced and designed taking into account the specific requirements of longitudinal shafts, all of the components that meet high quality standards, provide the necessary resiliency.
  Popular commercials Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, VW Crafter and LT II their success not least the obligation to the diversity of its modifications. In order to repair the case for each of these modifications found a suitable propeller shaft, the company GKN has expanded its range: repair kits GKN offered both with short separate shafts for all-wheel drive models, and with the transmission shafts of up to 3 meters for vans with extended wheelbase. Currently GKN program for Sprinter, Crafter and LT II includes 57 (!) Different longitudinal shafts.
  Common to them is the high quality standards GKN:
• Precision balancing and reduced weight provide a high service life and low noise and vibration
• Resistance to high temperatures to withstand high loads at high angles of bends and changes in length
• The design is optimized in case of emergency, ensures a high level of security
  In the event of a defect for service is more convenient to repair the individual components of the longitudinal shaft and replace the shaft complete. The risks are very high for the repair:
• Significant increase in imbalances at high speed during the installation of inappropriate or poor-quality hinges (eg., Unsuitable universal cardan joints "Lёbro" type VL)
• Individual components often can not be removed without damage
• riveted cross again very difficult to collect
• Washers for mounting hinges must exactly fit
• Even coating shaft new layer of varnish can create a noticeable unevenness
  Taking into account the operating conditions of vans manifestation of these risks is likely why the SRT should pay close attention to the quality of the longitudinal shaft, to prevent future costly damage.
  For more information on the range can be found on our website, as well as information for the specific goods in the online catalog or in the catalog GKN parts to TecAlliance.