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Bosch presents the new generation KTS module with innovative solutions for diagnosis.

  The company Bosch was the first supplier of scanners equipped with new diagnostic interface that works through Etherhet-connection. New generation Bosch KTS diagnostic scanners, which includes modules such as KTS 560, KTS 590, KTS 350 compact scanner for garages, in addition to all common interfaces now supports advanced technologies based on Ethernet-connected.
  Most European vehicle manufacturers already equips new cars diagnostic interfaces of this type. The first vehicle on the market, the complete diagnosis is only possible using Ethernet-interface is the car Volvo XC90. The software automatically determines at what point you need xss enabled Ethernet-interface.
  In addition, a new generation KTS equipped with an interface that is protocol PassThru. It allows web portals automakers during the programming of the engine control unit in accordance with the European standard 5/6. Significantly improved performance computers as KTS-testers, increased much memory, and the implementation of parallel connection via various interfaces also significantly simplified. Systematic backward compatibility enables a new generation of testers interact with all devices Auto repair Bosch, which may occur in the future.
  New modules KTS 560 and KTS 590 can be used for diagnosis of three CAN-interfaces and three K-line-interface simultaneously. This makes it possible to organize support specific requirements for automakers diagnostic devices. Using modules KTS diagnosis can be made either through software Bosch ESI [tronic], or through portals automakers. No additional hardware is required. KTS 560 and KTS 590 with a powerful computer platform equipped with 1 GB of RAM and 512 MB of permanent memory, whose capacity can be expanded without any restrictions. Radioz\'yednannya for long-range communication with a computer using a mobile garage provides modules throughout its territory. In general, the use of new modules KTS 560 and 590 makes diagnosis faster and more economical.
  Convenient scanner KTS 350, equipped with 10-inch touch screen also provides any possibility of a new generation KTS. In addition, it supports all current and most common interfaces vehicles - even the latest operating based on Ethernet. It also features a PassThru-optimized interface for diagnostics and programming control units via portals automakers. The device is equipped with software workshop ESI [tronic] 2.0 is much more powerful processor than its predecessor, 4GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD-memory work running a modern operating system Windows 10 provide quick launch applications and increase the speed of work. Fully equipped compact scanner KTS 350 provides all you need for the ECU-diagnosis, troubleshooting, service and repair tasks.
  DCU 100 reliable 10-inch tablet for diagnostic applications designed for garages, also received a powerful processor instead of a hard disk it is now equipped with SSD-memory capacity of 256 GB and 4 GB of RAM. The device runs under Windows 10 operating system and is equipped with high-speed interface USB 3.0. DCU 100 initially equipped with software service stations ESI [tronic] 2.0. The connection to the KTS diagnostic scanner installed with highly bluetooth-module.
  ESI [tronic] supports the concept Bosch, known as Connected Workshop. Through regular database updates garages can be assured that their services - the most complete and current information on all common types of vehicles. With Bosch diagnostic devices connecting to the Internet all the updates are downloaded in the background, so the equipment at this time can be used for its intended purpose. To realize this possibility is planned in the first quarter 2017
  Another innovation ESI [tronic] database is EBR (Experience-based Repair). The book contains typical mistakes, which often face during the repair of certain models of vehicles. In the event that happens during repair these errors, ESI [tronic] provides already proven solution.
ESI [tronic] Web - an online diagnostic portal has access to any Automobile without having to install software on each computer workshop. Search feature to quickly find any necessary information on repairs. ESI [tronic] Web operating systems on all workshops, including Tablet PCs (if they are connected to the Internet and are installed web browser).