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Green in Motion от Valeo Service

In the framework of the implementation of plans for the production of eco-friendly brake pads, Valeo Service launches Green in Motion, designed to increase the popularity of the brake pads under the brand Valeo for passenger cars.
An important element of the strategy Valeo Service is the sustainable development of the company. For many years Valeo experts closely monitor the implementation of regulations on the content of certain components in the material composition of the brake pads. This approach guarantees high quality as well as safety and environmental friendliness of the products under the brand name of Valeo.
In the framework of the work aimed at offering users products Valeo brake pads that meet strict environmental requirements and provide high performance braking Valeo Service launches Green in Motion.
Development of optimized and environmentally friendly friction material allowed the company in 2015 to withdraw 95% of their assortment of brake pads for passenger cars at the level corresponding to the N rating standard SAE J 866. It is recognized as the best rating among all U.S. environmental quality standards. Valeo Service offered friction material containing less than 0.5% of copper for another 10 years before implementing this standard.
The program Green in Motion from the company Valeo Service is aimed at the development does not contain copper pads, hydraulic elements, made without added chromium. The program focuses not only on the cars with classic combustion engines but also electric cars. So, Valeo Service already offers a wide range of brake pads without copper for vehicles such as the BMW i3 and i8, Renault Twizy and Zoe.
Offering eco-friendly solutions for "green" vehicles, Valeo Service contributes to the promotion of sustainable transport. With such target  Valeo Service plans to further develop its product range for electric vehicles and vehicles with hybrid drive.
In the framework of the Green in Motion, Valeo Service offers a more complete range of automotive components that meet the standards of the environment and ensure safety while driving.
In addition to the assortment of brake pads premium segment Valeo Service offers an alternative – a line of Valeo First brake pads at an affordable price. The products of this group have been developed with adherence to quality standards, environmental norms and requirements of sustainable development. The friction material of pads and the First Premium is produced according to integrated production standards. Choosing Valeo First pads, the buyer obtains the optimal solution in terms of service and quality.